The capital of India, Delhi, is perhaps the city where a lot of things are available for parties, hangouts, and fun. If you want to celebrate birthday parties, then you can look to celebrate birthday party venues in Gurgaon. There are loads of venues available in Delhi, like:

  • parks 
  • gardens 
  • fun parks
  • cafes

Here are some party places in Noida and Delhi where one can go party:

  • Adventure Island– This is a venue where you can go with your friends to celebrate your birthday if you want to have a thrilling experience. You can take rides here like the roller coasters and bumper cars with your friend group. There are more than twenty rides, and there is also a lake, where you can enjoy taking the water rides along with your gang. The cost is near about 550 for each.
  • Fun N Food Village– if you want to celebrate your special day with a group of friends, then you should opt for this place. This is an amusement park that is perfect for an outing with a large group of friends. You can enjoy the rides here and also the pools. You will not be hungry as this place has loads of eating venues as well. The price range is 1000 for each and 1200 for a couple of entries.
  • Select Citywalk– A perfect place to hang out with your friends in the city. People often come and enjoy their time here. You can come here on your birthday and go shopping at Zara and costume showrooms. You can also spend your big day watching a movie in the cinema hall.
  • Ambiance Mall–  you can take your friends here if you want to party on your birthday, there are many options to eat, for big groups. You can also go shopping and enjoy food at some of the popular cafes and restaurants here like Jamie’s Pizzeria and Big Fat Sandwich if you wish to experiment with sandwiches that are lip-smacking and delicious. You can also enjoy your meal with a rooftop view in these restaurants.
  • Japanese Park- You can also go for an outing or a picnic on your birthday. If you want to party, you can also come here with a large group and enjoy the outdoor. Take shelter, and spend quality time with your family and friends. This is a perfect place in the city to hang out. You can also sit under the tree and watch the tree, and birds and relax. The park has five lakes and people can take water rides, and boat rides and enjoy the sunrise and sunset as well with their friends.
  • Kitty Su- If you want to party at night and celebrate your birthday with party vibes, great music, and night, you should come here. You can dance here; it is one of the most amazing clubs in Delhi, want to enjoy different beats of music, then you should come here. Music gigs and electronic music, steal the mood of the club, and you can enjoy cocktails, imported alcohol, and delicious finger-licking lip-smacking food. You along with your buddies can delight in champagne as there is a huge champagne lounge along with a club, you can dance to the music and go about all night dancing, having an amazing night out. The price is 5000 for two people.
  • Keya–  Wish to celebrate your day out? Then you must come here with all your people. You can come here with your gang and party all night. This is a great place for an evening hangout with people. The place is also a perfect place to go out on weekends. They have the facility of outdoor seating; they also have an indoor nightclub. If you wish to celebrate your big day by drinking, chatting, gossiping, dancing, and partying, then this place is for you. They also have a good cocktail menu which is unique and amazing. This place is more about dance and less about food. So this is a perfect place for celebration and fun. The cost is 3000 for two people.
  • Privee–  This is a fun place to hang out with friends and peers when you are in a large group. This place is considered a popular spot for hangouts, even on Sundays this place is highly packed. You can celebrate your birthday or parties. You can enjoy hip-hop music and dance on the floor wholeheartedly. You can enjoy cocktails, mocktails, and alcohol at a very reasonable price. You can enjoy your birthday here with your peers, with amazing food, good music, great drinks, and memories. They have a special offer for ladies’ drinks and night outs on Thursdays. You can come here, the rate for two people is 5000 rupees only.

Conclusion:  These are some of the party places in gurgaon to celebrate birthdays and parties at a reasonable price with loads of fun, enjoyment, and thrill.