The Perfect Way to Say Happy Birthday to Your Loved Ones

Birthday messages should always be special and unique; however, most people don?t take the time to create one that truly demonstrates their affection and adoration. This can result in birthday wishes that are mediocre at best, which is why it?s important to know how to write the perfect birthday message for your loved ones, whether it?s a spouse, parent, or sibling. Read on to learn about the guidelines you should follow when crafting the perfect birthday message to ensure your loved one will feel special and showered with love and affection on his or her big day!

Get right down to it

If you?re looking for a way to say happy birthday, use WooInfo?s messages. Here are four of the best messages:

  • Happy Birthday! You?re special.
  • A day without you would be like a year. You?re my one and only. I love you so much, my dearest friend! Have an amazing day!
  • You?re so special and deserve the world on your birth day. We love you tons!
  • I am so lucky to have met such a beautiful person like you, and am blessed to call you mine. Happy birth day, baby! I hope today is everything that you want it to be.
  • I hope this message finds its way into your inbox at just the right time (like now). But if not, happy belated birth day from me!! We miss and think about you all the time.
  • Ask yourself how they want to be celebrated

What?s the perfect way to celebrate a birthday? Whatever it is, WooInfo has you covered! can help you find the best places in town for happy hour drinks or what stores have the best sales. Plus, if they?re expecting a visit from Santa this year, we?ll give them all of the best time-saving tips so they won?t miss out on their dream presents. Whether your loved one likes to read or do crafts, we have them covered!

Start with humor, if possible

Sometimes, it?s hard to find the right words to say on a birthday. Here are five ways you can make your loved ones feel special on their big day:

  • Share your favorite memory with them.
  • Tell them how proud of them you are.
  • Ask what they would like for their birthday and then get it for them (within reason, of course).

Acknowledge their age/milestone/hardships (see examples below)

Whether it?s a birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion, you always want to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. However, sometimes the perfect words just don?t come. To help out, here are some examples of what you might say when giving someone a birthday greeting

An actual compliment can be nice!

You?re a great listener, and you always know just what to say. You?re so kind and thoughtful that sometimes it?s hard for me not to be jealous of your kindness! I?m so glad that I have the chance of being your friend.

Never forget the thank you

It?s easy for your loved ones to get lost in the day-to-day stresses of work and life, so it?s important that you remind them that they are appreciated. A simple thank you is all it takes. Whether it be a thank you for always supporting me or a thank you for being there, just make sure you say something.

And finally, an invitation if relevant

It?s that time of year again where birthdays are coming up and you want to find the perfect way to say happy birthday. It can be hard at times, so we?ve created a list of the best ways to show your loved ones that you care.