12 Tips to Estimate a Woman’s Ring Size

Giving your girlfriend a ring is a great way to show your love for her. Rings have a way of making things special. That?s why it?s the jewelry you use to propose to her. If she?s the outdoorsy type, give her a simple rose gold ring with a channel setting. And if she loves diamonds, a 3-carat diamond ring is the right kind of ring for her.

While 3-carat natural diamonds are expensive, lab-created diamond rings are your best alternative. They are less expensive and feature what are known as ?ethical diamonds.” Plus, these diamonds look exactly like those that came from the mines, physically or chemically. That means they shine as bright as natural diamonds.

But all of these won?t matter much if you don?t know her ring size. Whether they’re natural or lab-created, diamond rings don?t come cheap. She doesn?t want to lose it while washing the dishes or even at work. Even if your partner takes good care of the diamond ring, there?s a chance it will come off if it?s too loose. 

Let?s look at some ways to get an estimate of your partner?s ring size.

Sneak Up and Use One of Her Rings

Ring Size

What makes proposals special is that the woman never expects when you will pop the question. That?s why it?s important to get her ring size in secret. But how do you do this?

One of the easiest ways is to ?borrow? one of her rings from her jewelry collection. But make sure it?s something that she uses almost all the time and on the right finger. That?s because each finger has a different size. The ring she wears on her pointy finger may be too loose or too tight for her ring finger.

Once you have her ring, there are plenty of ways to get the ring size, including:

?Using an Engagement Ring Size Chart

If you don?t want to mess things up, consider getting a ring size chart from the jewelry store of your choice. These charts are, as the name suggests, a guide to help you find the right ring size. They?re often free to download from the jewelry store?s website.

Some ring size charts have an illustration of a ring with corresponding sizes. All you have to do is to find the size that matches your girlfriend?s ring. Some charts will require you to measure the diameter of the ring. Once you do, you can consult the chart to find out the specific ring size equivalent of the diameter.

?Using Markers and Your Finger

You can also wear the ring on your finger and mark where the ring comfortably fits. It?s important that you put a marker just below the ring and not above it. This way, the ring can glide smoothly on their finger when you propose.

Go to your jeweler after that. They have a ring sizer that determines which ring will fit you best based on where the line is on your finger.

?Carve it on Soap or Wax

Soaps aren?t just for taking baths. You can also carve anything on it, like a ring. Just press the ring over the surface of the soap or wax and twist it a little to make an imprint. 

But be sure to do this discreetly. Use a different soap or one that she doesn?t use. Wait for her to take a shower or go to work. And don?t forget to remove the wax residue or soap off the ring before you put it back. Otherwise, it will look suspicious for her to find soap carvings or wax residue on her ring.

Bring the imprint to the jewelry shop and let a jeweler make an estimate.

?Bringing the Ring to a Jeweler

You can go straight to a jeweler and leave the measurements to them. They?re more knowledgeable about rings than you are, and can give you an accurate estimate. But don?t give it to any jeweler. They should be working in a jewelry shop where you intend to buy the ring.

That?s because each jewelry shop has different ring sizes. It won?t make sense to get help from one jeweler and buy the ring from another. It should be in the same shop so that you can look at different rings of the same size as her existing one.

Here?s a little tip: browse their online store before visiting the shop. This way, you?ll know if they sell the ring you plan on buying. And choose your jeweler wisely. You don?t want to buy a 3-carat diamond ring from a shady jeweler.

Get Creative

Ring Size

If your partner doesn?t wear rings, don?t panic. There are other ways to get an estimate of her ring size. You just have to be creative about it.

?Pretend it?s for Someone Else

You can also ask her to go ring shopping with you and have her try on different rings. Just let her know it?s a surprise gift for your mother or sister.

But do take note that using this method can give her a hint about your plans. So you need to make up a convincing and realistic story. For example, say that it?s your birthday gift for your mother. 

Also, ask for her opinion on different rings. Make sure you let her try out rings with different diamond cuts and styles. Take a mental note of her comments about these and ask about her favorites among the options. 

?Do Some Art

Ask her to do art with you – something that involves her hands. You can buy a hand-casting kit and ask her to sculpt both your hands. Make sure that their fingers are stretched out so that you can use the sculpture to try different rings.

You can also do hand painting, just like those drawings kids make for Thanksgiving. You know, the ones where they would trace their hands and then decorate them to look like a turkey? It may seem like it won?t work, but trust a jewelry associate to get an estimate from that drawing.

Ask Someone Else

Ring Size

Get someone else to do the job for you ?? a friend, a best friend, or a family member. You?ll find that they?re more than willing to help you out.

?Ask One of Her Friends to Go Ring Shopping With Her

It would be strange for someone to ask your girlfriend to visit a jewelry store to try out rings. That is, unless they?re also probably getting engaged soon. Instead, ask the friend to visit a jeweler with her by “coincidence.” 

They can go to the mall and intentionally pass a jewelry store there. The friend should come up with an excuse to try out the rings. Have them ask for your partner?s opinion on each ring they try on.

?Have Her Best Friend Ask Her About Her Ring Size

Best friends are there for a reason, and that reason is to do what?s right for your partner. Yes, that also includes making sure they get the perfect engagement ring in the right size. So don?t be shy and ask them for their help.

It won?t be awkward for the friend to ask about her ring size. They probably knew this before. Just make sure you let her best friend know it?s still a secret. Otherwise, they will spill all the details to her, which will ruin your surprise.

?Get Help From Her Family

If you?re looking for the right person to get help from, it?s her mother. She would know if you had already asked her dad for her hand in marriage. So it won?t come as a surprise to her, and she’s probably waited for you to get her help. Some moms would even tell you before you even thought about asking for help. 

Flat Out Ask Her About It

You also have the option of asking her about it. Don?t be afraid to do this because it?s normal for couples to talk about engagements and weddings. That means you can still keep your proposal secret even if she knows you have plans to propose to her.

This is the easiest and most accurate way of getting her ring size. There are so many factors to think about when you?re looking for the right engagement ring for her. Plus, she?ll also be able to tell you what style she wants and the color of the band. There?s no way you could guess these without asking her.

Final Thoughts

No matter how stunning the diamond ring is, she won?t be able to appreciate it if it doesn’t fit her finger. Getting its right fit can bring out the brilliance of the diamond to its full potential. Use an engagement ring size chart for a more accurate measurement. You can also get help from her friends and family, or just ask her yourself.

Use this guide to determine her ring size and find a ring that fits her perfectly.