Hair loss due to hair wax

Do you ever have an experience of hair falling out after styling it with hair wax? If yes, then there is a great chance that your hair wax is the main cause of hair loss. For most people, hair wax is a useful product to style hair and give them a beautiful look. But the most damaging feature of hair styling products is associated with hair loss.

Therefore, you must know whether hair wax is causing harm to your beautiful hair and also what can be done to prevent this damage. So,here we will discuss what are the main causes of hair wax-related hair loss and how you can control it.

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What Is Hair Wax?

As we all know that hair wax is a styling product that is used to give your hair a smooth appearance. These productsmake it easier to give your hair a new look without any problem. Apart from these benefits, hair wax or any other hair styling products are always associated with hair problems, one of the most come is hair loss.

Mostly the manufacturers of these styling products use high-quantity alcohol to preserve them for a long period. As we all know that alcohol is associated to give great harm to both your scalp and hair. Mostly it removes the natural oil from your skin and makes your scalpdehydrated. Then ultimately hair starts getting dry and dull. In most people, alcohol may irritate the skin of your scalp and cause itching and damage.Ultimately, your hair starts falling out due to damage, dryness, and irritation.

Furthermore, products like hair wax are thick and the thicknesscan hold the shape of your hair longer but when you apply it to your scalp, it does not let your hair follicles breatheand, in the end, hair follicles lead to hair loss.

Major Side Effects Of Hair Wax

1. Causes Hair Loss

Hair wax products use high-quantity alcohol to preserve them for a long period. As we all know that alcohol is associated to give great harm to both your scalp and hair, it removes the natural oil from your skin and makes your scalp dehydrated. Then unfortunately hair starts getting dry and dull, which leads to hair loss.

2. Causes Dehydrated Hair

Most hair styling products contain ingredients like alcohol, silicone, sulfate. And all of these hair styling products are highly associated with causing your hair to dehydrate and rough. Daily use of hair wax styling your hair can cause rough and?dull hair, which then ultimately leads to hair loss.

3. Causes Hair Discoloration.

Very often use of hair wax may also lead to loss of original hair color and cause them grey. Hairstyling products eliminate the moisture from your hair and bring changes in your pH balance of scalp which then leads to a dehydrated and unhealthy scalp. And you may notice an increased number of discolored hairs.

4. Cause Dandruff

Furthermore, the dehydrated scalp is the major causeof dandruff. If your scalp becomes extremely dry due to hair wax, then thescalp becomes flaky and starts shedding. This is the most common issue people face these days after using hair styling products.

Precautionary Tips for Hair loss

  • Limit the Use of hair wax
  • Check Ingredients in the product before purchase.
  • Take A Breakfrom using the hair wax
  • Choose Hairstyleswisely to avoid hair styling products
  • Buy the best Quality Products, because cheap quality may damage your beautiful hair.
  • Do Not Leave Hair Wax on your hair overnight. Remove them as quickly as possible.

Treatment of Hair Loss Due to Hair Wax

  1. Hair loss whether due to the use of hair wax, the initial step you should keep in mind is that you have to limit or completely stop its usage.
  2. Avoid or minimize the usage of heating equipment to style your hair.  If loss of hair is severe then completely avoid styling with them.
  3. Try to usesulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for your damage-free hair. Always remember that your shampoo must-have hydrating substances. Moreover, always look for a hair product that is compatible with your hair. Furthermore, select ingredients that always nourish your hair and helps in making your hair healthy and beautiful such as coconut oil, lavender oil, glycerin, aloe vera, etc.
  4. Do Proper conditioning once a week by using a moisturizing hair mask. It will ultimately fulfill the insufficiency of moisture content in your hair. This will also help in reducing hair loss. Honey, aloe vera, and coconut oil are some of thewell-knowndeep conditioning substances that you must look for in your hair products.
  5. Another way to revert your hair loss by hair styling products is the use of supplements like iron, biotin, vitamin D, and folic acid. All the above-mentioned products are very healthy for hair growth.
  6. If this hair care routine does not help to revert your hair loss, then you will need professional help as soon as possible. Your doctor/ dermatologist may also suggest you some medicines which will promote your hair growth and help in recovery from damage. Some medicine hasa topical ingredient that you have to apply to your scalp. These medicines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for hair growth. It is also well known for treating male baldness.


Everyone has the right to look beautiful and styling your hair using various styling products can help you to achieve that goal. But do remember! It also hasside effects as well.Moreover,hair-styling products include hair wax or hair gel are mainly made up ofharmful chemicals that make your scalp and hair dehydrated, dull, and also cause damage to them. And dehydrated and damaged hair is more likely prone to breakage and that will also be a major reason for increasing the risk of hair loss.

That?s why the only solution to minimize unwanted hair loss is to keep your hair wax usage under control and follow all the precautionary measures which are mentioned above in this article. Apart from this, if your hair loss problem keeps increasing rapidly never delay consultinga dermatologist to seek help as soon as possible.