What are the rules of wearing a hijab?

The rules of wearing a hijab are simple, but they’re not easy. You have to be careful about what you wear and how you wear it in order to avoid any negative attention or confrontations with other Muslims. It’s important that you know the proper hijab etiquette so that others don’t feel uncomfortable around your head covering.

Cover your hair

  • Cover your hair with a scarf.
  • Wear a hijab that is loose and covers your hair.
  • Wear a hijab that is long enough to cover your chest, shoulders and neck.
  • Make sure the hijab is clean, not transparent or frayed at any part of its length and does not contain any item of clothing like earrings or other accessories which may be visible through it.

Wear loose clothes

It is important to wear loose clothing when you are wearing your hijab. Loose clothes are better for wearing a hijab because they will not show under your head covering and make it difficult to wear it properly. However, if you have tight-fitting clothes that restrict movement of the head, then it will be difficult for you to put on or take off your headcovering properly.

Loose clothing is more comfortable than tight clothes because loose clothing allows for freedom of movement without restricting airflow around the body or trapping heat in places where there should be none (such as under arms).

Have modest clothing underneath

If you want to wear a hijab in public, it’s important that you have modest clothing underneath. This means wearing loose-fitting clothes that cover the body and do not reveal too much skin. Hijabs should also be worn properly: they should not be tight or revealing at all parts of your body, including the neckline, sleeves and hemline (the bottom edge).

Modest clothing can be found at any store or online; there are many different types available for women who want to follow Islamic law while still looking stylish! Do you know about Best Muslim Dress code.

Proper hijab etiquette is an essential part of this lifestyle.

The first step to following hijab etiquette is to understand what it means to wear a scarf, or headscarf. A scarf is worn on top of the head and covers all hair except for a woman’s face and hands. The first step toward proper hijab etiquette is ensuring that you are covering up all parts of your body while wearing a headscarf (or any other form of modest clothing).

A good way to begin practicing proper hijab etiquette is by observing how others around you dress and act during different situations. It can be difficult at first, but try not let anyone intimidate or make fun of you because they don’t know better than anyone else! Most importantly: respect yourself!

When dressing modestly, remember these rules:

  • Wear loose clothes underneath so nothing shows through them; this will help keep people from seeing too much cleavage or bare skin when they look at your outfit as well as providing more coverage overall while still allowing freedom in movement so nothing feels constricting either way –
  • though sometimes tight clothing might feel comfortable but only because it doesn’t stretch out across its entire surface area like loose clothing might do if allowed enough room between seams where wrinkles may appear just due being stretched out too far over time without stretching back out after having been stretched out beforehand…http://breakingnews21.com/about-pgdm-management-courses/


We hope that our guide to the rules of wearing a hijab has been both helpful and informative. If you?re still on the fence about whether or not it?s right for you, remember: what works for one person may not work for another! Honesty is key when it comes to your decision-making process. But if all else fails, let us know in the comments below!