7 Famous Wedding Dresses of 2022

Girl: ?Do you wanna marry me??

Boy: ?But, why??

Girl: ?We?ll get to eat, wedding cake.?

Boy: ?Is it butterscotch??

Girl: ?Who cares, it?s humongous and has got lots of frosting??

Boy: ?I do!?

Girl: ?Yippee!?

While weddings can be about numerous other things, none of these factors were able to replace wedding dresses from the list. Wedding dresses occupy the hot seat, since day one.??

Come on now, what is a wedding without the bride having a bridezilla moment about her wedding gown? Or the bride’s gang, including her mother, aunts, granny, bridesmaids, and maid of honor- shedding happy tears, when they see her in that wedding gown for the first time.?

In this article below, we are going to talk about the 7 best wedding dresses that will make you steal the thunder. Remember, the goal is to make your groom shed a few drops too. So, don?t you dare stop scrolling this article??

The 7 Most Popular Wedding Dresses

This is the era of evolution!

Everything is evolving. From fashion to food, to accessories, to makeup, to architecture, and so much more. Wedding dresses have not been able to escape this phase as well.?

Like, every cloud has got a silver lining. This evolution has done nothing but benefited the couturiers and designers, designing wedding dresses. It has kind of coerced them to think out of the box.

Here?s presenting the top 7 wedding dresses; that you should definitely consider choosing. 

1. Lining The Neck

?Will this neckline suit me?? – one of the first questions coming the wedding designers? way, as soon as a bride enters their store.

Necklines are the most essential components when choosing a dress, any dress. There, you can imagine the amount of stress involved when picking a neckline for your wedding dress. It has to be perfect. There are a plethora of necklines with respect to wedding dresses.

Earlier, most brides were seen to overlook this segment of the bridal fashion, but recent years have seen them shine.

While some might prefer a plunging neckline, others might just want to go for the classic sweetheart neckline. A few others in the list include embroidered necklines, boat necklines, halter necklines, and even turtlenecks. Can you believe it??

However, the square neckline is the season?s pick, and it will be a wise decision to go with it.

2. Bolding Out The Cut

Who told ya, that you got to be all modest with your wedding dress?

Whoever told you so, has clearly got no idea. Bold cutout wedding dresses have been building up, their slow and steady dominance in the bridal sector. Both designers, as well as brides, have taken that daring step together. 

They have dared to step out of the usual and opt for something sexy and bold. It can be anything. Starting with a basic backless wedding dress, to dresses stitched from transparent fabrics with floral patterns switched from laces. 

OMG! All I can do now is imagine you adorning that sexy cutout dress on your D-day.

3. Suiting Up The Brides

You must have heard all those ?justice? tales of weddings, from those friends of yours who have either been married to a property lawyer or have to experience dating lawyers. Therefore, you might feel this sudden rise in blood pressure.

But before  I provide you with the solution. You have to breathe in and breathe out.

Opt for a bridal suit instead of going for a conventional bridal gown. This is a steal deal and will most certainly catch your lawyer?s attention. Try opting for a nude or an off-white shade.

Do not worry about accessories. A watch and a minimal earring will do the trick.

4. Asymmetric Hemlines With Ruffling

Remember? Sheldon and Amy’s ?Theory of Asymmetry?, that had gotten them the Nobel Prize?

A little asymmetry goes a long way. Yes, dear fashionistas! I am referring to those high and low hemlines. Even the ones with ruffles fall under this category. Those fluffy ruffles at the bottom of your gown, create a voluminous effect as you walk down that aisle. 

5. Let?s Get Vintage With The Corset Gowns

Vintage gowns have been quite popular in recent times, especially post-pandemic. Well, vintage doesn’t always mean that you spend a fortune on that high-end bridal couture.?

It can be something that belonged to your grandmother or mother- an heirloom. It is one of the most important events of your life. You do want to look your best.  A corset-cut vintage gown is the only thing that you need. 

There is a wedding ritual, where you need to include ?something borrowed? in your wedding attire. It could be anything, a brooch, a pendant, shoes, a purse, a hairpin, etc. The vintage gown perfectly suits this category.

You can alter it as well, based on your preference.

6. Sleeves Are Important, Too

Ah, Sleeves! How can you ignore them?

Another important feature when choosing your D-day attire. There are different kinds of sleeves, starting from full sleeves, glass sleeves, lantern sleeves, puff sleeves, power shoulder sleeves, even glove sleeves (the ones that you can attach with off-shoulder gowns), etc.

An off-shoulder off-white satin gown with a lace glove sleeve, with the longest trail, is a personal favorite. 

Makes me wanna get married. *sigh*

7. Colors And Prints

Shouldn’t it fall under some kind of Human Rights Act, to include colors on your wedding day?

Come onnnnn , IT IS YOUR WEDDING !!!!!!!

While the addition of colors in wedding dresses has been a new concept. But modern brides have welcomed this change with open arms. Some of them even do it in a subtle manner, by incorporating pastel shade embroidered roses with the off-white lace gown.?

Does it look good, or does it not look good?

Why don?t you try it out yourself?

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First of all, a big hearty congratulations to all those lovely brides reading this article. You, reading this article, makes me assume so. But hey, that does not mean that you only have to be a ?bride? to read this particular article of mine. You can be the beautiful damsel out there having these bridal fantasies, in the middle of the night.

Where?s my bride gang at? Come on, share those extras with us, – your little secret regarding the wedding dresses. Connect with us in the comments section below to share your thoughts.