How to Increase Your Website Speed Score?

Are you wondering why website speed is important? 

There are plenty of reasons for it. The website’s slow speed may not affect the ranking but also hinder the business’s success. 

It is crucial to overcome page loading issues to increase your website speed score. Otherwise, the consequences will negatively impact the whole image of your business.

6 Ways to Increase Your Website Speed Score

According to exerts, if forever milliseconds they improve the website speed score, it will directly generate 1% revenue.

Let’s discover the amazing way to increase website speed score and bring the ranking back:

1- Resolve Broken Links issues:

The web development services confirmed that broken links weaken the bandwidth and make the users switch to another more potential website.  

There are effective tools that can easily find out the crawl issue. The google webmaster tools and screaming frog SEO spider etc., are helpful enough. By using these, you can achieve the result. Once the result is zero broken links, you are good to continue.

2- Select Suitable Hosting Options:

The type of hosting makes a huge difference when it comes t improving the website speed score. It is important o understand which will be the best one for your site at this level. 

For example, in the beginning, it is okay to go for a cheap option but gradually try to upgrade to the better one. The most common types are:

  • VPN Hosting
  • Dedicated service 
  • Shared Hosting

3- Enhance Server Response Time:

The slow server response time has many reasons. It includes the high traffic on the website, the use of hosting, different software usage, and the variable resources used to update the page. 

Therefore, to increase your website speed score, try to find out the exact problem hindering the website’s speed. 

4- Avoid Adding Large Images:

Every website has a format for using images. Different pictures have different resolutions. It is good to know the technical problems that can occur by using images larger than the required ones.

If you don’t concentrate on this component problem, your website will face the faced issue now and then. Also, it will offend the user that they will switch immediately. 

5- Make Use of Browser Caching:

The website has a lot of information available. The purpose of the browser cache is to stone different images, spreadsheets and other files to make it easier for the users. This way, when they visit the website next time, it won’t take much of their time to load from the beginning. 

Limiting the time and restricting a few of the tools are variable. So, to increase website speed score, use those tools which can exactly set the time for browser cache. Thus, resulting in improved speed.

6- Implement Content Delivery Network: 

CDN is commonly known as content distribution networks. To understand its working, imagine you are in any country the website which is far away from the actual server location. With the help of a content delivery network, the website load is shard and won’t make its speed slow. 

It reduces the distance factors and improves in spending the loading time by storing the information in various data centres. This minimizes the hassles of the users, and they can easily access your website. 


All the tips mentioned earlier increase your website speed score and functionality. The only need is to understand the actual cause that is hindering the website’s performance.

Therefore, discuss the problem with the expert before directly jumping to the conclusion. It will save your time and help in identifying the actual site issue. Once you are sure, implement the techniques needed to improve the overall website.