How to Become an Effective Online Language Teacher

With the growth in science and technology, online teaching platforms are growing at a rapid pace. Many higher learning students, as well as professionals, are interested in learning foreign languages. Today in the corporate sector, there are several high-paid jobs for language interpreters and translators.

 So for better academic qualifications and to give a boost to their career, many people prefer learning foreign languages. With the better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness provided, online language courses are the topics of the town. Educators look for the best platform for selling online courses or to sell online courses from your own website and becoming effective language teachers. Let us discuss a set of tips that one can follow to teach a language effectively online. 

Steps to become an effective online language teacher 

1. Make a website

To become an effective online language course teacher, making a website is the first and most important step. To offer quality administrative and academic facilities to the learners, one should build an online course website. Here you can put a proper outlook or pattern of your course. This will help learners to know what they are stepping into, and what will be the learning journey. 

Other than searching for the online courses platform, work to build a website too. Include an instant messaging facility on your website to answer students’ doubts and queries properly. Here you can upload the study material and assessment results too. A course website makes teaching and learning systematic, and easy to navigate. 

2. Have frequent live sessions 

Learning any foreign language is difficult. It is not our mother tongue, hence a lot of practice and learning are required to hold a good command of the language. To do so, online language teachers should plan to conduct frequent live sessions. Teaching once a week or having minimum real-time interactions with students won’t work to teach a language. 

To make students familiar with the foreign language, you have to involve them more in listening, speaking, and practicing. Therefore conducting frequent live sessions is important. This will keep students accountable and actively involved with language. Plan different activities for all classes. This will help to break the monotonous pattern and keep students engaged. 

3. Use audiovisual tools to teach 

Learning a language from the alphabet to moving its sentence formation, a lot of practice is important. Understanding the new language, its patterns, and grammar from textbooks can be difficult. Also, listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material via computer or mobile screens can be boring and less engaging too. Today’s kids are highly attracted to technology so why not use the same in teaching. Teachers should use audio-visual tools to teach like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly. 

4. Form an effective study material

Teaching a language means giving all the details to students. It should start from the basics like alphabets, and numbers to everyday words, vocabulary, and grammar. To do so, having effective study material is important. Also, to become fluent in a foreign language, students need to put effort too. Effective online study material can be accessed by students at any time from anywhere and give students a self-paced learning experience too. Let us discuss some components that you must include in your study material. 

  • Vocabulary PDFs: Make vocabulary lesson PDFs. For each lesson, include fifteen to twenty language words. This will become easy for students to learn. Add the language word, then its meaning and pronunciation in English too. This will provide students with a clear understanding and memorization becomes easy too.?
  • Videos: educational videos or video lectures are very important for online courses. Make your videos short, and specific. Add subtitles to it so that students can understand the language properly. 
  • Practice exercises: include practice exercises in your study material too. It can be online quizzes in the form of fill-in-the-blanks, tick the correct option, answer in one word, sentence formation, and more. 

5. Keep students motivated

Learning a language is difficult. Not all students become active speakers. They face difficulty in understanding the language and speaking it too. This can make students stressed and affect their confidence level too. Also in online courses, physical meet-ups are not possible which sometimes makes students feel isolated. To become an effective online language teacher, you should give your students a motivational boost. Ask them to stay positive and keep trying their best. Other than teaching, have friendly talks with your students too. This will make them feel relaxed, cheerful, and valued. 


For professional success or self-interest, many learners join online language courses. French, Japanese, and German are a few commonly pursued languages nowadays. By following the above-mentioned tips, one can become an effective online language teacher. This will ensure teachers’ and students’ success both.