How to Improve Streaming Quality on Netflix and Hulu?

Streaming quality is a significant factor while watching movies on Netflix or Hulu. It can be low or high, depending on the internet speed. High-speed internet is essential, and you should consider any data caps. Other factors that can affect your streaming quality include your hardware and software. Also, the best way to improve streaming quality is to change data usage settings.

Despite the quality of your connection, you might still experience a few problems with streaming on your device. Regular pauses, bad resolution, and even buffering are often due to your internet connection. Below are a few steps to improve the streaming quality of Netflix and Hulu:

1. Upgrade Your Internet Speed

If you’re looking for the best way to improve your streaming quality on Netflix and Hulu, you should consider upgrading to a faster internet speed. So, looking for internet bundles like Spectrum Mobile plans or any other from your local ISP could be better for excellent streaming and are also a light on your pocket. The higher the internet speed, the better resolution. If you’re watching Netflix or Hulu for entertainment, 1 to 10 Mbps should suffice. You’ll need higher speeds while watching movies or TV while listening to music. If you’re using multiple smart devices, then you need at least 25 Mbps. Wired internet speeds are best for streaming, especially on Netflix and Hulu.

Sometimes, Wi-Fi is often slow depending on location, and multiple people streaming at once can worsen the experience. Ethernet is also much faster than Wi-Fi and doesn’t have issues with walls, distance, or interference. Wired internet connections also have better bandwidth, which is essential for streaming movies and TV shows. Netflix recommends a minimum of 5 Mbps for streaming HD and 10 Mbps for 4K Ultra HD. You can use powerline adapters if you’re planning to watch a movie or a series on multiple devices. These devices help you bridge devices in different rooms.

2. Changing Data Usage Settings on Netflix

Changing data usage settings on Netflix can improve streaming quality on your device. Various streaming services use different amounts of data per hour, so it is important to adjust these settings to your device’s capabilities. Netflix has an option to change this setting, so check the settings page before streaming. You should try reloading your Netflix app if you don’t see it.

To change your data usage, first sign into your Netflix account. From there, tap the “Profile” option. This will let you choose the quality of the streaming videos. You can change the video quality to medium or high, depending on your connection speed. Make sure that you check the quality of the stream before watching it. You can also try changing the video quality settings for individual profiles.

3. Hardware

Your device or hardware can impact the quality of streaming videos on Netflix and Hulu. If your hardware has low RAM, your streaming quality will suffer. You can increase the speed of your internet connection by upgrading the hardware in your home. This is the best way to ensure your streaming experience is as smooth as possible.

4. Changing Resolution Settings on Hulu

To improve streaming quality, users can change their display resolution. Hulu users can change their quality settings by going to the “Settings” menu or clicking on the “Account” icon. Select the resolution you want to watch to manage quality control on your Hulu web or mobile app. If you want a better video experience, choose the high setting. However, high-resolution displays may be too noisy.

To fix poor video quality, increase your device’s speed or change the resolution. Low internet speed is often the culprit for low streaming quality. You may need to increase your computer’s speed and boost Hulu’s streaming quality. You may also need to pause your video stream. You can also try clearing cache and data to improve the video quality.

Changing resolution settings on Hulu to enhance streaming quality is easy, but it claims that high-definition streaming will use about 650 MB per hour. However, it’s always best to monitor your data usage and change it if necessary.


There are many things to consider to improve the streaming quality on Netflix and Hulu. The most common is to upgrade your internet speed. If you set the limit for your data usage, it will affect your streaming.

The recommended speed for Netflix and Hulu is only three megabits per second (Mbps). If you plan on doing other things while streaming, you may want to upgrade to a higher internet speed. In addition, if you’re concerned about buffering, you should consider changing the video quality to automatic or lower.