What You Need to Get Started With Video Editing

If you want to work in the media or entertainment industry, or are simply interested in making better online content, then it?s worth looking into becoming a video editor. After the raw footage has been filmed, the main role of an editor is to put it together into a movie or short clip that?s easy to follow, interesting, informational, or entertaining. You may be interested in editing your own videos for apps like TikTok or YouTube, or perhaps you want to start a side hustle or job editing videos for individuals or businesses. There are lots of opportunities that you can go for including wedding videos, promotional advertisement videos, informational videos, and even TV shows and movies. If you are interested in getting into video editing, this is what you?ll need to get started.

High Spec PC or Laptop

First of all, it?s important to make sure that you get the right device for editing video. Since video editing is a task that uses up a lot of resources, it?s important to consider the specs you are going to need and find a PC or laptop that can keep up with the work without lagging. If you want the freedom to edit videos from anywhere, then a powerful laptop is going to be a great option that will help you get the job done. You can find PCs and laptops that are designed with this task in mind, such as this Lenovo PC for After Effects.

Video Editing Software

If you want to get into video editing for YouTube, social media, or as a business or side hustle, then the main decision to make is the video editing software that you will be using. There are lots of different options on the market, and some are more advanced than others. With the rise of more content creators now uploading videos to social media on a regular basis, there are plenty of easy-to-use apps and video editing software programs that you can download and get started with. However, if you want the best-finished result, it?s a wise idea to invest in high-spec, professional video editing software like Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro and learn how to use them well.


Finally, videos are quite large files, so if you are planning to keep yours saved on your device, then you?re going to need to put some thought into finding the right amount of storage space. Ideally, you should go for a laptop or PC with a solid-state drive (SSD) as this is more powerful and will enable your machine to run faster and smoother. When it comes to storing your videos and footage, you may want to consider an external hard drive. Go for as much external hard drive storage as you can afford, enabling you to store more video clips before you need to delete or move any.

Video editing is an in-demand skill that you can use to further your career or your side hustle. To get started, you?ll need these three basics.

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