How To Take Care Of Velvet Cloth?

If you own any outfit or thing that is made of or covered with velvet fabric, you must know how elegant it looks! Velvet is a beautiful fabric with richness and comfort. But at the same time, it requires maintenance to sustain its quality. But how can you take care of such a heavy and elegant material? Well, there are a few tips and tricks to take care of the fabric when you buy Chanderi Fabric Online. They are as follows.

Wash Gently And Carefully

While washing the fabric, it becomes the most delicate and fragile. It is wet; thus, the material is soft and susceptible to breakage. Therefore, when washing the velvet cloth, ensure that you are careful and gentle enough. Additionally, using the right and appropriate products for cleaning the fabric is also essential. Otherwise, it can highly damage the cloth, causing it to get wrecked and faded.

While washing, the swooshing movement of your hands for cleaning the cloth must be tender. Too much pressure on the cloth will result in breaking the cloth. Also, ensure that you clean the fabric properly. Since It is a relatively heavy material, washing it properly cannot be easy. Yet, you must ensure that you wash the cloth profusely but with optimal tenderness and care.

Know What Fabric You Are Buying

The maintenance of the fabric that you own starts from the first step, which is, buying the material. At present, customers buy mostly from online websites. So, when you Buy Velvet Fabric Online, you must know your fabric well. You must know that velvet fabric is made from different types of material. Each of them differs from one another. Each of the fabrics requires different maintenance requirements and sustaining essentials.

The most delicate among the types is velvet which is made from silk. So, if you buy velvet fabric made from silk, you must know about the different requirements to take care of it and also maintain its quality. Otherwise, know what material of velvet you are buying, if it is not silk. Then accordingly know what requirements you later have to fulfil for maintaining the quality of it and keeping it fresh and as beautiful as it was when it was first bought.

Apply Lint Roller

There are certain additional maintenance requirements that the fabric of velvet needs, which is relatively absent from the maintenance needs of the other materials. One of which is the need to use lint rollers. Velvet is a furry and soft fabric. It can attract and accumulate loads of dust, dust, lint, and other substances. It makes the cloth dirty. Thus, the material loses its shine and beauty, causing it to become shabby and dull.

Thus, to maintain the beauty of the velvet material, it is vital that you use a lint roller. Well, you need not use it every day. Once every two weeks is enough to keep your velvet clean. The lint roller ensures you keep your velvet fabrics as clean as possible with the least effort. So, you can readily get rid of the dust, dirt and lint from your fabric and keep its shine and gloss intact without harming its quality.

Store Them Without Many Strong Folds

Storage becomes another area where you must ensure optimum maintenance necessities for the velvet cloth. You must ensure that when you store the fabric, you avoid folding as much as possible. The folds cause the formation of creases on the fabric. These creases somewhat leave marks, or you can say that the wrinkles rather stay even after you unfold the fabric.

Sometimes you buy a large plain velvet fabric online. In such cases, you do not have an option but to store it in folds. Then, ensure that the folds are not too tight. And do not put pressure on the folded fabric. Otherwise, the creases will persist in the fabric even when unfolding them.

Final Words

These are the different tips and tricks that will assist you in maintaining the quality and colour of the velvet fabric. And if you want to buy the best quality, soft velvet fabric, visit us at our website. We have the best quality fabric at the most affordable velvet fabric price per metre. Also, we offer you a vast range of colour options to choose from. So, bag India?s no.1 velvet fabric today at the best prices!