Damp crawlspace and Foundation Repair

A damp crawlspace could be a sour, unpleasant mess. These conditions can lead to mildew and mold to form and accumulate in your crawlspace or basement and may cause decay and wood to decay. This can lead to damage to the structure of your house, and also hazardous inhalation mold and spores. This is a threat to your family and yourself and must be dealt with immediately. If you’re not sure whether your basement or crawlspace has water or leaks helical piers Utah, there are a few indicators you should be looking for. Many believe that wall encapsulation is the most efficient solution to fix your crawlspace’s damp Atlanta problems. Atlas Piers offers this solution and wall Encapsulation. It offers many benefits, that go beyond keeping water from your home. Its benefits include better the quality of air, less risk of wall repair better comfort throughout the winter and summer seasons and lower costs for energy.

  • Water in the floor of crawl space
  • Metal surfaces with rusty stains inside the crawl space
  • In the crawl space, mold
  • Damp, soft or rotten wood
  • Musty odors
  • Pests (such as rodents and insects) inside the crawl area
  • Water condensation in pipes, and on other areas within the crawl space

Many will believe that wall encapsulation to be the most effective option in order to solve your crawlspace that’s damp Atlanta issues. Atlas Piers offers this solution and also wall Encapsulation It has numerous benefits beyond keeping the water out of your home. The benefits include improved air quality, less chance of foundation wall repairs, improved comfort during the summer and winter seasons, and a reduced costs for energy.  Wall encapsulation refers to a process where the basement walls are covered by the vapor barrier. This will shield your basement from moisture, ensuring that there is no chance for mildew or mold to develop Utah residential helical piers. Your family’s health will be improved since no harmful spores are breathed in. The vapor barrier also serves as an insulation device making your home more comfortable during the winter months and cooler in summer. This means that not only does it safeguard the value of your house, it makes your house more pleasant to be in. Your family and your home will be more secure and at ease knowing there’s no risk in your basement. Get in touch with Atlas Piers to get more details!