Top Benefits of Answering Services for Your Plumbing Business

Is your plumbing business growing? If you run a plumbing business and are struggling to keep up with all service requests and new customers, you may want to consider an answering service. But what are answering services and how can they help with your plumbing business?

Answering Services is a 24/7 service that (usually) hires a support person to answer your client?s questions and get you started. When choosing a plumbing telephone answering service provider, make sure your representative handles the call based on your company’s customer service ethics.

Benefits of Answering Services

If you are not yet sure whether it is a good idea for a plumbing company to partner with an answering service provider, take a look at the following benefits of such services.

Decreased Labor Costs

It is nice if there is an in-house receptionist who now answers all your phone calls! The caller will usually be answered by a knowledgeable person who can provide the answers they need.

However, most of these receptionists are full time employees with many additional responsibilities. You might want to add a few more members to your team for responding all your service calls.

We encourage you to use the answering service instead of hiring additional staff to answer the call. The costs of hiring phone answering services are lower than the benefits and wages of full-time employees, but still benefit consumers and callers. Plus, a quality answering service is available 24/7, so they are prepared to answer any urgent calls your business may receive even in the middle of the night!

Save Time with Training

It usually takes several weeks to train a new employee. Over time, you also need to consider what resources you should use when training new employees. Even after the new employee has been trained, time and money must be spent in continuing management to supervise and assist the employee.

Partnering with answering services can help you reduce the costs associated with training new staff. Quality answering service has well-trained staff ready to handle callers and represent your plumbing company in the best possible way.

Flexibility for You and Your Employees

Call answering services can also be more convenient for staff and employees. You don’t need to be logged into your work phone all the time! Whether you are working in the field or at night, with answering services you won’t be on the phone all the time.

Ability to Answer All Calls

The number one reason in-house answering don’t work for plumbing businesses is simple. Because we can’t answer all calls!

You might think missing a call isn’t a big deal, but you never know who is behind the phone. It might be a new customer willing to avail your service for a shower installation!

These types of call failures can cost your plumbing business thousands of dollars in lost revenue. With that in mind, it’s important to answer every call your business receives. Relying on voicemail or IVR is not the best option.

Put yourself in the shoes of consumers. If you have a problem with the plumbing, would you like to raise your voice and wait for the company to call you back? No! You will usually find it online, then contact your plumbing company. Don’t miss the opportunity to work and earn money with 24/7 customer service.

More Customers, More Income!

By answering all of our customer’s calls and arranging calls with professionalism and compassion, your plumbing business will get more customers. The more customers you have, the more income, and soon you will find that the answering services are worth it! This is how a plumbing telephone answering service provider can help your plumbing business grow. By answering all service calls with professionalism and care, you will be able to attract more customers, and in turn, that would be a boost to your business.