What Do Girls Have to Wear in Pakistan?

Pakistani women tend to wear traditional costumes such as shalwar kameez. It is basically a long shirt worn with trousers. Shalwar kameez is often colorful and is quite fashionable. Trying this outfit is good for girls. In Pakistan, shalwar kameez is often considered the best outfit for girls. It helps cover your body and is usually lightweight and can help cope with the hot weather in Pakistan. So, what should women wear in Pakistan? Here is a detailed guide to Pakistani clothing and ideal outfits for girls to wear.

Tips to Wear Clothing in Pakistan

  • When looking for what to wear in Pakistan, keep in mind that the nation is quite traditional. Hence, short skirts, tops, tighter clothes or body-revealing clothes must be avoided.
  • The best option is the local dress i-e the shalwar kameez. It is a long tunic top with some loose fitting pants. It can be purchased at a cheap price from the market.
  • Ensure to take loose long pants and a few full sleeved shirts, t-shirts and similar thighs for comfort. Full-sleeved clothes are perfect for protection against sunburn amid the day and the mosquitoes bite during the night.
  • Light wool can be a great choice against your skin because it naturally assists in regulating your body temperature. It can keep you warm when it is cold outside, wicks away moisture when it is hot, and does not retain odors even after some prolonged wear.
  • A sunhat can be considered a must during the summers and an umbrella is good for protection in the sun and in the rain.
  • Ensure to take a good sunscreen with you along with some best quality sunglasses.
  • Make sure you have a versatile jacket as well. Get some jackets that have a few pockets because you may have to carry certain things in your pocket.

Shalwar Kameez – The Best Outfit for Girls in Pakistan

There is one important thing when it comes to Pakistani clothing and that is the shalwar kameez. Kameez is often interchangeable with what is known as the kurta. You might be wondering what sort of clothes these are. It is the most comfortable and socially acceptable clothing in this country. It can keep you warm when it is cold outside, wicks away moisture when it is hot, and does not retain odors even after some prolonged wear.

Kameez: A kameez is a flowy and long dress or top that usually comes down past the knees and sometimes goes to the ankles.

Kurta: A kurta is almost a kameez as well. It is often shorter but does cover your butt.

Shalwar: A Shalwar is a super loose, cinched at the waist pants which billow out at your legs and come together at the ankles.

Dupatta: a dupatta is a long scarf which comes with a tailored three piece suit.

The shalwar kameez is the most comfortable dress to wear in Pakistan. It is soft, breathable, easy and quick to wash and dry, and is available everytime and everywhere. Also, it is the cheapest dress you can buy. So, the girls in Pakistan have to wear shalwar kameez for all these reasons!