Top 5 Things To Do In Sacramento In 2022

If you ever visited the California gold rush city of the world? This is the perfect place to go for the road trip, and if you are searching for any place for stopovers, then the capital city is the best place to take some breath and enjoy the beautiful city.

 Maybe Sacramento is not a large city like Manhattan, but the rich golden history of Sacramento is attracting many travelers and the different economic growth from the time of the gold rush. If you want to visit California, then never forget to visit Sacramento. Just see the things to do in Sacramento, and you can understand why we are telling you the richness of the city makes you stay longer.

Sacramento is a wired combination of politics, farming, and the different types of arts. We all know this is a wired combination, but this combination is making the city special. Since 1848 the city has held much truth, and still, now you can see the historical impressions of the past.

5 Best Things To Do In Sacramento In 2022

If you are in Sacramento and you cannot find travel destinations and activities to do in Sacramento? This article will then help you find the exact spots where you can spend the whole day while roaming in the city and enjoying your holidays. 

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Here are some popular destinations in Sacramento. 

1. Old Sacramento Historic Park

Old Sacramento Historical Park is the historical place where the old-time and the old buildings come to life. Sacramento city is growing up in the mid 19 th century. After that, we can easily remember 1848, the time of the California gold rush. The city grew beside the Sacramento river, but this old historical park is near the ocean as the city is built upon the march?s bases.

The whole historical park is full of different old structures of the Victorian gold merchant?s buildings. Even you can see the different types of old 1848s gold rush timing building structures. This single area covers almost one-third of the waterfront of the whole city. The historical value of the whole area is vast. The waterfront of the old Sacramento is quite beautiful. You easily enjoy your whole evening time while sitting beside the waterfront. The bicycle for the car is everything you can take in rent for exploring the waterfront area.


1000, Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States

2. Crocker Art Museum

The Crocker Art Museum is the oldest art museum on the west side of the Mississippi. This museum was established in 1885, almost 40 years after the gold rush. The California fine arts are the most valuable parts of this Art Museum. Every year a huge number of fine arts students are visiting this place to get ideas about the fine arts. 

The Fine Arts museums paintings are quite old, and some of the paintings are old enough, which dates back to the gold rush timing. This Crocker Art Museum has the second largest ceramics collection, so visiting Crocker Art Museum means you can enjoy both fine arts and the ceramic collection.


216 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States

3. California State Capitol Museum

Visiting one Musume means to feel the history of that place. The capital museum is the largest collection center, which holes almost all the secrets of the single city. California state museum was founded in 1874. This Museum is holding the past and present of the California city. Other than the Crocker Museum, this State Capitol Museum is exhibiting almost 50 types of different artworks and including the magnificent iconic Murals. 

These Murals are the recognition of California itself. Along with different iconic structures, the paintings and the prized art effects are also in the public displays list. Most of the art effects are dated back to the 18th century from the 19th century.


1315 10th St room b-27, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States

4. California Automobile Museum

Are you fascinated by old vintage cars? The California Automobile Museum is the perfect place to explore. This single museum has a huge collection of 150 types of vintage cars. The location is easy to find, and it is just on the front street beside the Sacramento River. 

The whole area is 7200 square feet.

The collection includes classic and vintage cars from the early 18th century to the 19 th century. The location is easy to find, and you can enjoy the riverside cruiser journey after visiting the Automobile Museum.


2200 Front Street, Sacrament, CA 95818

5. Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento Zoo is one of the oldest and home to many types of wild lives. The zoo is located in William Land Park. The full Zoo area is 14.3 acres. And almost 500 different animal species are living here. 

The Zoo was opened in 1948 with only 40 animals. After that, the Zoo?s area coverage starts to grow along with the number of living animal?s number. You can see the beautiful Snow Leopard Misha to Hawak named Harris. Every animal is treated like a celebrity. If you want to visit the Sacramento Zoo, then make a plan for one whole day tour.


3930 W Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822, United States

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The farm-to-fork capital of America is Sacramento. Other than visiting places you can fully invest your whole time in eating and enjoying the restaurants and the bars. Sacramento is the old city where history is living in the present. As we all know, the California weather is the most fascinating. The pacific ocean banks are miraculously beautiful when you see the Sacramento Skyline from your hotel window. Your California trip will be incomplete without the visit to Sacramento.