The difference between a real perfume and an eau de parfum.

Do you know the difference between a real perfume and an eau de parfum? Real perfume has no added water so it’s more concentrate. One can’t find real perfume in every stores, it’s very rare, only in niche boutiques. Usually the real perfume known as Extrait de Parfum is over price, but there is one company who offers this luxury at a very affordable price: Anne-Krystel Parfum

This company creates perfumes for women and for men that smell like heaven. You must absolutely try it! Luckily, Anne-Krystel has a travel size that is only 19$ CAD so you can buy this one before the 50ml size to be sure that it suits you well. Every notes are written on her website so you can have a good idea if you gonna like it or not. Any way, at this price, if you don’t like it… You can give it to someone who will! 

The creator, Anne-Krystel, wants people wearing her fragrances to find themselves in a state of confidence and calm because she knows that fragrances highly influence the various mental and physical conditions of humans, she wishes to succeed in spreading well-being among those who wear it.

In addition, she is donating to David Lynch?s foundation. This foundation helps transform lives by providing a proven tool for healing and empowerment ? the evidence-based transcendental meditation (TM) technique ? to those who need it most. 

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