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In the fiscal year, 2020, sugar exports of Turkey to Comoros were USD587 billion, according to the United Nations Comtrade Database (UNCD) on international trade. Sugar Export is produced in Turkey in many regions but most of the sugar production comes from the regions of Central Anatolia near the cities of Ankara, Konya, Eskisehir, Afyon, Tokat, and Yozgat. There are about 110,000 sugar beet growers in Turkey. Sugar beets with corn, wheat, barley, potatoes, and sunflower are planted in a 4-year rotation. Domestic sugar-producing factories in Turkey used to process sugar beets starting in October and finishing in January which is also called the campaign period. At present, the average sugar production is 60 MT per hectare.

Imports and export data of the fiscal year 2019-20

The value of sugar exports confectionery from Turkey in 2020 was a total of $ 670 million. Sales from Turkey increased by 4.63% compared to 2019: sugar confectionery exports” increased by $29 million (total exports from Turkey reached $641 million in 2019). Turkey has done sugar imports from India for about $8.04 Million in the fiscal year 2020.

Exports of sugar confectionery accounted for 0.395% of total exports from Turkey (total exports from Turkey reached $169 billion in 2020). The share of sugar exports in total exports from Turkey has increased by 0.04%. Compared to 2019, it was 0.354% 2019 and the total exports from Turkey were $ 180 billion.

The Post has revised its forecast for centralized sugar consumption to 2.8 MMT in MY 2018-19, which is slightly lower than the previous estimate, mainly due to higher-than-expected exports. Due to the increase in beet sugar quota in MY(marketing year) 2019-20, centrifugal sugar consumption is expected to remain at 2.88 MMT.

Top destinations of sugar export from Turkey

These are some top destinations where Turkey exported sugar in the financial year 2020

?          USA with a share of 15.8% worth about 105 million US$

?          Iraq with a share of 7.36% of about 49 million US$

?          United Kingdom with a share of 5.8% around 38 million US$

?          Germany with a share of 4.53%, the total amount was 30 million US$

?          Syrian Arab Republic with a share of 4.07% worth about 27 million US$

?          Netherlands with a share of 3.14% of about 21 million US$

?          South Africa with a share of 2.77% amount was 18.5 million US$

?          Russia with a share of 2.72% worth about 18.2 million US$

?          Israel with a share of 2.35% worth about 15.8 million US$

?          Nigeria with a share of 2.3% worth about 15.4 million US$

Top destinations from where Turkey imports sugar

These are some sugar producing countries from where Turkey imports sugar

?          Russia with a share of 25% which is 58 million US$

?          Brazil with a share of 15.9% which is 37 million US$

?          Algeria with a share of 13.6% which is 32 million US$

?          Egypt with a share of 5.2% which is 12.2 million US$

?          Ukraine with a share of 4.99% which is 11.7 million US$

?          Morocco with a share of 3.55% which is 8.35 million US$

?          Indian sugar exports with a share of 3.42% which is 8.04 million US$

?          China with a share of 3.28% which is 7.71 million US$

?          Germany with a share of 3.06% which is 7.19 million US$

?          Netherlands with a share of 3.03% which is 7.12 million US$

As India is the second-largest producer and consumer of sugar after Brazil, Indian sugar exports to Turkey to balance world trade and the sugar export was US$23.34 Million during 2020, according to the United Nations Comtrade database on international trade. India exports sugar to Turkey slowed down in the year 2021 because of the pandemic, exporters in India faced logistical issues due to which shipments were delayed. Now in the year 2022, sugar prices came down aggressively after the spread of omicron (New variant of Covid-19). The logistic situation is very tight in the current scenario.

Sugar trade in Turkey

Turkey’s Inward Processing Regime (IPR) policy benefits many Turkish agricultural exports. Sugar can be imported duty-free if it is used in products that will be exported and not sold domestically. In the marketing year 2018-19, almost all sugar imports were made by exporters at zero rates in the scope of IPR. The price of sugar imported for the domestic market is 135%. Therefore, the sugar that is imported for use in the domestic market is limited to specific sugars which are not produced domestically.

With the fall of the Turkish lira(Turkish Currency) in the summer of 2018, the price of Turkish sugar export became competitive in the global market and exports increased. In the early 5 months of MY(Marketing Year) 2018-19, Turkey exported 64,226 MT(metric tonnes) of sugar, up from 323 MT in the same period a year earlier.

However, import decisions were also affected. Turkey imported about 252,000 MT of sugar in MY 2017-18. In the first five months of MY 2018-19, Turkey imported about 67,000 MT of sugar, up from 119,000 MT in the same period a year earlier.

sugar Export & Import in 2022

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