How Many Types Of Sports Are There In The World?

The world of sports has exploded with countless different types and variations of games, rules, and ways to enjoy them. So how many types of sports are there? And what makes each one unique? Let?s take a look at some of the most popular and recognizable sports in the world today.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate is a non-contact sport, where players pass a disc (or Frisbee) between one another. It is similar to other sports, such as football and soccer, but it does not require any equipment or fields. The game also places an emphasis on self-officiating and fair play. The only things needed to play ultimate are two teams, a disc, and some space to play on!

A Brief History

There have been people who have played sports for as long as we can tell. However, it wasn’t until about 150 years ago when the first organized league for sports was set up. Nowadays, there are many different types of sports that you can play or spectate. You might be surprised to find out just how many there are!

The International Olympic Committee Recognizes

There are more than 136 sports. The International Olympic Committee recognizes 136 different sports. This is a list of the top 8 most popular sports in the world, as well as their international governing body: Soccer: FIFA-International Federation of Association

Football; Basketball: FIBA-International Basketball Federation;

 Volleyball: FIVB-International Volleyball Federation;

Track and Field: IAAF-International Association of Athletics Federations;

Cricket: ICC-International Cricket Council (men’s);

Rugby Union: IRB-International Rugby Board (women’s);

Handball: IHF-F?d?ration Internationale de Handball Amateur (men’s);

Hockey: IIHF-F?d?ration Internationale de Hockey sur Glace (women’s).

So what’s your favorite sport then?

My favorite sport is football. I love everything about it, from the different plays and formations to the camaraderie on a team. It’s also fun to watch because you never know what might happen next. My least favorite sport would have to be golf because I find it too slow-paced.

References and Further Reading

According to a 2013 survey, the top sports in America are American football, baseball and basketball. The top three sports outside of North America were soccer, cricket and rugby. Sports can be divided into team sports and individual sports. Some examples of team sports include basketball, soccer and hockey.


The largest and most popular type of hockey is ice hockey. The National Hockey League, or NHL, was founded on November 26th, 1917, and was the first professional ice hockey league in North America. It is composed of thirty teams divided into two conferences: The Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Two more conferences have been added since then:

The Atlantic Division (now defunct) and Pacific Division. The Stanley Cup is an award given to the NHL’s playoff champion every year at a ceremony held after all four rounds have been completed.

Volly ball

Volleyball is an Olympic sport that has four players on each team. Teams take turns serving and trying to score a point by sending the ball over the net, either with a hit or a blocked shot. If they fail to send it over their opponents’ net, then that’s called a let. The team serving then tries to make good on their next serve, and so on until someone scores.

It’s up to each team’s defense to save points from being scored against them before it becomes their turn again. Volleyball is played indoors, but can also be played outdoors when there’s not much wind or rain.


In badminton’s ruleset, players use racquets to hit a shuttlecock over a net between two sides without letting it touch the ground. This creates an exciting game that requires agility and speed-often resulting in fast-paced rallies.


There is a multitude of sports to choose from, but there are few that dominate the world stage. They include football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey and cricket. All these sports have different rules and have been played for years. Football is a game where you kick a ball using your feet (soccer) and scoring by kicking it into a net at the other end of an open field or area (goal).

 Cricket is played with bat and ball on a pitch. Baseball has two teams which take turns batting until three outs per team have been recorded. Basketball is like soccer but you use your hands to throw or pass an object into the net at one end of a court.