Samsung Freestyle Projector Hits on China Market

Samsung Freestyle is a portable projector released at CES 2022. Now, the projector hits on China market with a retail price of 5,999 RMB.

Samsung Freestyle

Samsung Freestyle projector will become a rival competitor of Nebula cosmos, Emotn H1, and even BenQ x3000i.  

According to Samsung Freestyle review, it has a flexible design, which can rotate 180 degrees, but it is not bright enough. Some reviewers think that the projector is a little bit expensive. 

The Samsung projector has a built-in Tizen system and various voice assistants, which are convenient to operate. Just say the word, and The Freestyle is there to help.

Samsung Freestyle

It is worthy to note that it has an ambient light mode, suitable for the young. As many young people like having a party. The ambient light mode projects funky backgrounds, colorful effects, or even photos.