Is Roger Pettingell providing the best client experience?

Growing a business requires building strong relationships with your customers, says Roger Pettingell. A good customer experience makes up a cornerstone of a healthy company. Roger Pettingell is a leading manufacturer of Coldwell Banker Realty, as well as sales and customer services are very good. Roger Pettingell has a team of just five people selling luxury real estate in Sarasota and Manatee. After decades of experience, He sheds light on how to deliver a better customer experience for stronger businesses. For more details about Roger Pettingell, you can visit?

What is the role of Roger Pettingell in luxury real estate at Sarasota and manatee?

He realized early on that people don’t buy because you are selling something?people buy because they believe what you are selling will suit their needs or desires. You need to connect with your customers beyond your business alone. Roger Pettingell explains that people want meaningful and authentic interactions. He said it was necessary to know the difference between building that relationship and wasting someone’s time talking. The time is valuable, and you don’t want to interfere, he said. Connectivity is important too. It is difficult to offer a great sale experience if you cannot identify with them or find common ground.

What is the secret to his success in real estate?

Pettingell is a big fan of technology and seeks every opportunity to use it within his own company. He encourages learning the latest tools and software available. As for his real estate business, Pettingell has been using FaceTime for years, even writing client proposals while meeting through a video chat platform.

However, he said not all customers are excited about the new technology. However, you still have to offer traditional alternatives to your clients who aren’t too excited about learning new things. His work is based on the desire to meet the needs of customers. He says selling is more powerful when you are not focusing on the sales section. Since starting his real estate career in 1995, Pettingell has always been interested in understanding what people want and helping them achieve their goals. He said that not everyone is suitable for sales, and a good salesperson will be able to recognize it most of the time.

What is the offer of Roger Pettingell?

One way Pettingell offers high-quality customer service is through listing properties. His attention to detail in product listings sparks interest in the property and gives potential buyers a better feel for what’s on offer. However, it’s important to be available when customers need you, especially during normal business hours. Customers want to feel confident that their concerns are acknowledged and that your business is on your mind. Roger Pettingell says to let customers know the best way to contact them and when you are always ready. He said your time should be as flexible as possible to accommodate valuable customers. In addition, if you do not know the answer to the question, it is still a good practice to respond by notifying customers that you have received the message and are reviewing their questions.