Everything to Know About the Latest Windscreen Technologies

When we compare the modern windscreens with the old versions, there is a huge difference in how these two look. But these differences are not only in their appearance but also in their qualities, and these qualities refer to the screen’s strength and durability. Modern car screens are durable and lightweight because they are the epitome of technological advancements.

People today with older versions of windscreens face a lot of problems, and the likelihood of them being damaged is higher. This is why people are reaching out to windscreen experts and technicians to get them replaced with better options. These better options are only possible when the windscreens you replace with have a number of technologies installed on them.

Dig deeper into this article to get familiar with the technological advancement and changes to windscreen technologies over time.

Top 6 Latest Windscreen Technologies You Need To Know

Technology has spread to almost every industry, and it did not shy away from the automobile industry. The vehicles today we use are not only equipped with modern technologies on the inside but there are a number of technologies installed on the windscreen. These windscreen technologies are the reason why people are getting the older versions replaced with modern ones and ensuring screen durability.

Following are a few latest and new technological additions and changes to the windscreen that is important for you to know.

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1. Heated Front Windscreen

Frozen wiper blades are the major reasons why the damages happen the most to the windscreen in winter. This is why the heated front windscreen technology has bloomed in the latest cars, which makes sure the windscreen and the blades are warm enough in winter. Using a frozen wiper blade will result in windscreen scratches leading to irreparable situations. People facing such damages hire the replacement windscreen London located professional services to ensure the replacements are durable and will last long. 

2. Wiper-free Windscreen

Another major development and improvement in windscreen technologies are the wiper-free screens. The amount of damage caused by worn-out or frozen wiper blades is higher than any other factor, which is why the latest vehicles today are wiper-free. The major reason why one needs a wiper blade is to brush off the debris, rain, and snow. But with the use of ultrasonic sound technology, you do not have to rely on a wiper blade to repel snow, rain, and dust particles.

3. Windscreen light sensors 

A small box placed on the outer side of the windscreen is usually a windscreen light sensor and has become an integral part of modern vehicles. These windscreen technologies have doubled and increased the visibility of the driver that was affected due to the higher intensity of sunlight. With this sensor technology, you can limit the amount of light passing into the vehicle through the windscreen. Moreover, it also keeps track and monitors the light around you and turns the headlights on if they are off at night for you and the safety of others.

4. Windscreen rain sensors 

It might be possible that while busy driving the car, you may forget to turn the wiper blades on while it’s raining. Or it is also possible that the wiper blades are not working for you no matter how well you try. In such situations, rain sensors come to your help, and they keep track of the rain drops and turn the wiper blades automatically if there is a need for it. With such technologies, not only the concentration of the driver has improved, but the windscreen damage has also decreased.

5. Electrochromic Glass

Electrochromic glass, or smart glass, is one of the technologies that are being used widely in modern cars today. People with simple windscreen glass get it replaced with electrochromic glass to minimize glare and improve their visibility. It is a type of glass technology that helps you to limit the amount of sunlight coming inside the car at the touch of a button. This technology is controlled electronically, and there is no human effort needed to get this technology to work.

6. Gorilla Glass

The durability of the windscreen has always been an issue, and people have spent more than the actual cost of the vehicle to repair and replace the windscreens. With gorilla glass technology, one can achieve screen durability and clarity. This type of glass is not just limited to your smartphones and tablets but has also ensured windscreens’ lightness, clarity, and durability. You can hire expert help to get the windscreens replaced with a better option or replace it when they are damaged. 

Do you struggle to keep the windscreen safe?

If the number of damages happening to your windscreen is higher, then do not rely on your intuition and experiments to keep them safe. You can always consider hiring windscreen technicians to replace damaged windscreens with a better and more durable option.