Tips for Scoring Well on the PTE Listening Exam Spoken Text Summary

You must have a solid command of the English language in order to settle overseas. In foreign nations, people converse in English with their native speakers. Therefore, you must be fluent in the English language in order to be familiar with them and comprehend their location and culture. To fully understand what the other person is saying, you must be an attentive listener. For this reason, the PTE (Pearson English Language Test) includes a vital portion of the exam that summarises the spoken text of the PTE hearing section in order to assess the candidate’s capacity for both listening and writing. This component requires you to listen to an audio file for 60 to 90 seconds and then summarise what you understand. You have 10 minutes to summarise everything, so aim to use 50 to 70 words to do so.

Many students experience anxiety or difficulty before taking the test, but we can tell you that if you follow the advice provided below, no one will be able to stop you from scoring an 8+ on the PTE. However, if you’re looking for comprehensive PTE coaching, getting in touch with the PTE Institute in Jalandhar is a terrific idea.

Guidelines for scoring well on the PTE listening test’s spoken text summary

Be mindful as you listen

This task involves listening rather than hearing. As a result, you should pay close attention to what the speaker says. Prioritize eliminating all interruptions, and pay close attention to what you hear on the audio. Be at ease, yet keep your attention on the speaker’s explanation and its major point. Avoid writing in complete sentences so that you can concentrate on the main topic of the audio.

Carefully use erasable notepad

An erasable notepad will be provided for you to record the key details. It is preferable to use it wisely. Avoid attempting to write down every single item you hear on the audio. Concentrate on the words, numbers, and topics that seem to be most important. When the audio plays, you will immediately comprehend the fundamental theme of the situation. As soon as the audio starts, start taking notes on the appropriate terms so you don’t miss anything. In order to properly explain items in the test, pay attention to verbs, nouns, definitions, and concepts.

PTE is a wholly computerized exam that gauges a candidate’s proficiency in English. The answer sheet will be checked online, and the results are recognized by several illustrious English nations. However, you can get enroll in the best PTE online coaching if you require general advice on the PTE.

Focus on the core idea

Make a note of the main point of the entire lecture you are listening to. This does not imply that you disregard any further pertinent facts connected to the important issue. Knowing the main points of the entire explanation will make it easier for you to explain the concept utilizing the other supporting words you obtained while listening to the audio.

Draft a preliminary version

A 10-minute reverse timer will start when the audio finishes. Write everything quickly, paying no attention to spelling or punctuation. All of the information is still fresh in your mind because you just heard it. Regardless of the word count, gather all the keywords or notes, write everything in-depth, and then choose the greatest passage to use. Most pupils make the error of trying to write word for word or sentence for sentence. Although this is undesirable during the test, kindly take care of it.

Draft a final version

It’s time to polish what you’ve already written, so make sure to check your spelling, grammar, sentence structure, rhythm, and vocabulary. Before submitting your answers, take two or three minutes to review and examine them. Because you only have ten minutes, make sure to finish your final draught before the deadline. Therefore, it is preferable to write the rough draught in 3 minutes, the final draught in 6 minutes, and then use the remaining time to go over what you’ve written.

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The aforementioned advice will assist you in performing well on the PTE listening test’s summary spoken text, but it will only be effective if you develop your listening skills. For practice, listen to English podcasts and internet radio, watch movies and comprehend the material and the British accent, take note of any unfamiliar words, consult a dictionary, practice writing in your spare time, and so on. This will help you become a more active listener. An 8+ band is waiting for you if you stick to the proper study plans and get ready for the exam by taking the aforementioned factors into account.