Which pooja is good for the money?

Which pooja is good for the money?

Financial troubles could cause you to stress at any time in your life. Planetary transits have the power to either dramatically increase your income or further depress you. Numerous problems, such as significant business losses, high debt burdens, failed investments, and challenges in raising your income at work, could result from financial difficulties.

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Goddess Lakshmi, a “Goddess” renowned for bringing prosperity and fortune into your life, is connected to the puja for financial issues, or prosperity and wealth. In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus represents wealth or fortune. Venus’s placement in your birth or natal chart might affect your performance and make it difficult to maintain your finances, save money, or have access to liquid assets.

By doing pooja for difficulties with money, such as success, wealth, and happiness to gain and succeed, you can placate Venus.

Why Is Pooja For Money Performed?

In Vedic astrology, Venus is primarily a representation of wealth or money, and it is closely associated with the goddess Lakshmi.

Therefore, by performing pooja for money and prosperity, you can obtain complete success. It provides the locals with pecuniary advantages, joys, and satisfaction while protecting them from pain or sorrow.

Kanakdhara Pooja: Pooja for Money

To avoid financial instability and guarantee regular income, every Hindu household reveres and worships the goddess of fortune. The Kanakdhara Pooja, which honors Goddess Lakshmi, is another name for the goddess Lakshmi.

Kanak Dhara translates to “continuous flow of prosperity and wonderful fortune” in the phrase incantation because Kanak denotes “wealth” and Dhara denotes “flow of holy water.” Protecting the inhabitants from Venus’ negative impact is the main goal of this pooja for debt relief. It eliminates all commitments and makes it possible to acquire wealth and excellent health at the same time.

History of Kanakdhara Pooja

Goddess Lakshmi Ji was pleased when the Brahmin woman’s pain was alleviated despite the woman’s evil deeds in her previous life. She then wished the woman prosperity and achievement. Sankaracharya sang the “Kanakadhara stotra” to drive away hardship and the terrible effects of previous deeds.

Therefore, this pooja is the best treatment for eradicating poverty and debt-ridden existence, as well as for showering humanity with riches, recognition, and societal pleasures and conquering the bad effects of the planet Venus.

How To Perform Pooja?

The twenty-one four-line hymns in the Kanakdhara Stotram are chanted. As the Yajna is performed, the following mantra is chanted:

ll Kamala sana panina lalate Likhita mokshara punkti masya jantoh

Parimarjayam mata ranghrinate Dhanika dvara nivasa dukha doghrim ll

Steps To Perform Kanakdhara Pooja

– Kalash sthapana and pooja

– Swasti vachan

– Lord Ganesha puja

– Goddess Lakshmi puja

– Abhishek and offerings

– Sankat Nashan Lord Ganesha Stotra

– Kuber mantra Jaap- Goddess Lakshmi Jaap

– Lord Ganesha mantra Jaap

– Recitation of Kanakdhara Stotram

– Navgraha mantra Jaap- 

– Yajna

– Pooja (aarti)

– Prasadam and pushpanjali

When To Perform Kanakdhara Pooja?

To guarantee the household’s consistent prosperity, it is advised to perform the Kanak Dhara puja once a month. Therefore, by performing the pooja, people who are having financial problems could immediately put a stop to their issues and experience great delight and satisfaction.

Benefits Of Pooja For Money

  • The objective of Kanakdhara pooja is to pursue money and success all your life.
  • If you’re penniless or experiencing a financial crisis, money puja may be the perfect solution to your problems.
  • The goddess Lakshmi protects against suffering and financial issues.
  • You’ll immediately get your loan back if you perform this puja.
  • This puja is suggested for developing wisdom, charisma, and beauty.
  • There could be an increase in your business and savings.
  • Any curse associated with poverty would end.
  • Observing professional growth and respect is energizing.
  • You are able to handle the difficulties related to conception with the help of Money Pooja.
  • Venus’s strengthening in your natal chart will benefit both your money status and love life.

Kanak Dhara Puja sought Goddess Lakshmi Devi’s blessings and invoked her blessings by reciting the Mantra Chants and the Kanakadhara Stotram, also known as the Goddess of Wealth. The Kanakadhara Stotra, Sankaracarya’s hymn to Lakshmi, gained respect, fame, and recognition as a result. The Surarnadhara Stotra, also known as the Anugraha Bijakshar-studded Kanakadhara Stotra by Bhagavatpada Sankaracarya, is addressed to Goddess Lakshmi.