Complete Details Of PNB Personal Loan | Interest Rates 2022 | Eligibility | EMI Calculator

PNB is a leading bank with international footprints. PNB is regarded as a people’s bank which has been serving millions of people since its inception in 1895. It offers multiple products and services throughout the country. With the digital revolution, PNB has started serving its customers through online platforms. Today borrowers can easily apply personal loan online on the official website of PNB.

If you are planning to apply personal loan online with PNB, it is crucial to consider factors like eligibility, interest rates, PNB personal loan calculator, etc. By understanding these aspects, you can make an efficient decision about taking a loan that is suitable for you.

PNB Interest rates to Apply Personal Loan Online

PNB offers personal loans up to a maximum amount of ? 20 lakh. The interest rate varies from 8.80% p.a. to 15.35% p.a. for a tenure of a maximum of 7 years. The variation in interest rate depends upon the type of borrower. 

If you are planning to apply personal loan online at the PNB website, you must consider the following borrower types and choose the one that is ideal for you.

  1. Interest rate of personal loan for paramilitary or defense personnel whose salary gets credited through PNB.
Credit scoreInterest rate (p.a.)
  1. Government employees: The following table provides information on the credit score and the rate of interest for government employees with an account in PNB. If you are a government employee or a gazetted officer who wants to apply personal loan online, you need to refer to the table below:
Credit scoreInterest rate (p.a.)
750-800 or no credit history11.15%
Below 65012.65%
  1. Corporate employees or government employees without a PNB salary account: If you are a corporate/government with no salary account at PNB, you can refer to the following table to select the best option to apply personal loan online.
Credit scoreInterest rate (p.a.)
750-800 or no credit history12.15%
Below 65014.65%
  1. Employee with checkoff facility: Employees who have a checkoff facility for their loan amount can refer to the following table to apply personal loan online with PNB.
Credit scoreInterest rate (p.a.)
750-800 or no credit history13.15%
Below 65015.35%
  1. PNB personal loan for doctors: PNB charges two interest rates for doctors. Therefore, they can apply personal loan online for the following categories:
Type Credit scoreInterest rate (p.a.)
Doctor delight: personal loan planNA9.80%
Doctors with PNB salary accountNA8.80%

Eligibility Criteria for PNB Personal Loan

PNB provides multiple personal loans for the citizens of India. To apply personal loan online, you must be aware of the eligibility of each personal loan offered by PNB. The following points elaborate on the eligibility of borrowers to apply personal loan online.

  • All permanent defence and military personnel are eligible to apply for personal loan online.
  • Professionally qualified and practising doctors with annual income above ? 4 lakh.
  • Permanent employees of state or central government, PSUs and corporate institutions with PNB salary accounts can apply for personal loan online.
  • Employees drawing salaries through the PNB checkoff facility.

PNB EMI Calculator to Apply Personal Loan Online

PNB personal loan EMI calculator provides a detailed analysis of the borrower’s loan. It informs the borrowers how much money they need to pay in every monthly instalment to cover the total loan price within the tenure. It also helps borrowers determine the interest rate and total loan amount of other banks. In addition, the EMI calculator is an automated tool which reduces the chances of making incorrect calculations.


Personal loans are an excellent way of meeting financial emergencies. However, before you apply personal loan online, it is crucial to evaluate your financial situation to ensure your ability to repay the total loan amount on time.