The Best Pinterest Image Downloader to Help Make Your Life Easier

Pinterest is one of the most popular image-sharing websites on the Internet today, with millions of users accessing it to bookmark their favorite images, recipes, craft ideas and more. You can do just about everything on Pinterest that you can do on Facebook, including liking or commenting on pins and following other members of the site. However, Pinterest lacks one important feature: an easy way to download all your images at once in high quality format for your use offline or for uploading to another website or social media site such as Facebook. That?s where a good Pinterest image downloader comes in handy to help you out!

5 Tools to Manage Pinterest Images

1) IFTTT – IFTTT is an acronym for If This, Then That and it can be used as a simple image downloader. You set up the If (the condition) using the trigger words that are specific to your needs, and then you set up the That (the action), which includes a link to where you want your image downloaded.

Fast And Easy Way To Download All Or Selected Pins

There are many tools that allow you to save images from other websites. One of the easiest and most straightforward is LightShot. This browser extension, also available as a desktop application, lets you take screenshots and record video of any part of your screen in a number of ways.

Get all your boards pins in one file

Have you been looking for a way to save all of your pins in one file? This is the best way!

Pinning an image from your computer on Pinterest image downloader has never been easier. Simply drag and drop the files onto the program window and it will automatically upload them for you. You can even rename them so that they are easy to find later. If you already have a board set up, just drag your file into that board’s folder and the images will be added automatically.

Save All Pinned Items On One File

If you have a few minutes, it’s worth taking a look at the website for Save All Pinned Items On One File. This site is great because it saves all your pinned items on one file, which helps make life easier. The site also has features like getting rid of duplicates and organizing saved images by color or topic.

Duplicate an Account into another account

This app is great for downloading images from the site, and it doesn?t require you to sign up for an account either. It also has a handy Export All button if you want to download all of your pins at once. A drawback to this is that you can only download 20 pins at one time; but that shouldn’t be much of an issue as long as you’re not trying to go on a downloading spree with over 100 pins.

If all else fails… write your own script!

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We’ll be taking a look at three popular services: InstaPaper, Webstagram, and PinNow. We’re going to see how they work and which one will be best for you!

#1 InstaPaper: InstaPaper is a free service that doesn’t require any software or downloads.