Free Online Pinterest gif Downloader

Looking to download your favorite pinterest gifs? Have no idea how to do it or what software to use? Well, look no further! Our free online tool can easily save pinterest gif images from your browser directly into the destination folder of your choice! All you have to do is follow these few simple steps and you will be on your way to collecting those precious pinterest gifs that seem impossible to get otherwise!

How to find a free online pinterest gif downloader

1. Find a free online pinterest gif downloader

2. Select the type of animation that you want to download

3. Choose where you want to save your file

4. Copy and paste the link of the desired image into the pinterest gif downloader’s input box

5. Click on Download and wait for the GIF to be saved 6. Done! You have now found a free online pinterest gif downloader! Try it out today with one of these simple steps, and you will see how easy it is to find a pinterest gif downloader on the internet. You can also use this blog post as an example, because you are reading it right now 😉

How to use the tool

1. Select the image to download from your pinterest board. You can do so by clicking pin on the top right of the image you want to download and then selecting download. 2. A pop-up will appear with a preview of your image and a link to download it. Click on Download. 3. You will be taken to a new page with an option to open or save your file, as well as an email form, if you would like to send this file as an attachment.

4. Select one of these options, fill in any necessary fields, and hit Send. 5. Check your email account for the attachment that was sent for you to download! 6. Once the file is downloaded, unzip it with WinRAR or 7Zip software. Use the Explore tab to view files such as images. Enjoy using our pinterest gif downloader tool today!

Pins you can convert into animated Gifs

1) Search for a pin on Pinterest

2) Click Pin it

3) Copy the URL of the pinned image

4) Paste the URL into GifLab’s search bar and hit enter.

5) Click Download Animated GIF in the pop-up box

6) Select an option to convert in: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Email (selecting Email will send you a link to download an animated GIF file to your email inbox)

7) Open your browser and copy/paste the link in your browser window to view your animation! You can also use this online pinterest gif downloader tool if you don’t have access to Photoshop and want to make some cool pins without having to design them yourself.

The best online tools for converting Pins into animated Gifs

One of the best tools for converting Pins into animated Gifs is LazyPinner. The website allows you to view a Pin, and then convert it into an animated Gif in a few simple steps. After selecting the Pin you would like to turn into a GIF, you can choose between 3 different animation options: Quick Convert Mode (which will save the converted GIF on your computer), Add It! To Your Own Webpage (a code which enables you to insert the converted Gif onto your own webpage), or Copy It! To Your Clipboard (you will be able to copy and paste the converted GIF on another web page).

In the Animation Mode Selection window, you may select either Loop once as many times as desired, Loop forever until stopped by user, or Let me decide how long each frame lasts. You can preview what your final Gif will look like before proceeding with downloading it.