Describe the duties of Physical Therapy Assistants and Physical Therapy

Physical therapy assistants include treatments that use physical influences such as pressure, tension, heat, cold, or electricity to act on the body. The therapies are intended to relieve pain, promote blood circulation or improve mobility. Physical therapies are usually used as part of physiotherapy by physiotherapists, masseurs, or medical pool attendants.

Common physical therapy methods include, for example, massages, treatments with electricity or ultrasound, baths and inhalations, heat or cold packs. The procedures listed below are examples of commonly used physical treatments.

Physical therapy assistants
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Massage therapy

During a massage, pressure is exerted on the skin and connective tissue, muscles, and tendons using various grip techniques. This stimulates blood circulation and should relieve tension and adhesions. Massages affect the nervous system, but can also stimulate internal organs.

There are many different forms and methods of massage – from classic massage to Far Eastern massage methods. They work with different techniques or focus on specific areas of the body. For some, aids or additional external treatments are used. For example, with underwater pressure jet massage, you lie in a tub with warm water, and the therapist massages you with a powerful jet of water from a hose.

Traction treatment

This therapy is not treated with pressure, but with tension (traction). By “pulling” on a joint, the synovial fluid can be better distributed. This is said to relieve pain and promote mobility. The treatment is an option for spinal problems or osteoarthritis.


In electrotherapy, a weak electrical current passes through individual parts of the body. For this purpose, electrical contacts (electrodes) are placed on the skin, which transmits the current stimuli.

The currents used are completely harmless and mostly painless. Depending on the procedure, the electrical stimulus can be felt as a slight muscle tremor. The therapy is supposed to relieve pain, promote blood circulation or relieve muscle tension, among other things.

Special procedures that work with so-called stimulation currents are also used in the treatment of symptoms of paralysis. They stimulate the paralyzed or weakened muscles to contract and work independently again so that they do not atrophy. At Speech Easy Solutions, our physical therapy assistants will diagnose your problem and provide you the most suitable therapy. You can consult us at Speak Easy Solutions

Physical therapy assistants
Physical therapy to improve the areas of perception, gross and fine motor skills in children, adolescents (development-related disorders) and adults. In addition, psychosocial abnormalities in children can be alleviated with an individual occupational therapy plan. As an approved remedy, the costs for occupational therapy are covered by all health insurances.
For adults, the focus in occupational therapy is on regaining lost motor, mental or self-sufficient abilities. Illnesses, accidents or operations in adults are responsible for these impairments. All treatments can be carried out in our practice or as a doctor-prescribed home or home visit.

What our adult patients appreciate most about our team is the regularity and reliability of the appointments as well as the fact that they work with therapists whom they can completely trust. Our occupational therapists take care of adult patients individually in a pleasant atmosphere – also at home or in the hospital.

It all depends of course on the child’s difficulties. The one who speaks easily and confuses only the sounds “Che” and “I” (the most difficult) will be cured in a few sessions. Likewise, the child who ?licks? will quickly learn to put his tongue down and no longer to slip it between his teeth, as soon as he accepts to give up his thumb or his pacifier. For other children, rehabilitation may take longer, but one thing is certain: the sooner these disorders are detected, the faster the results will be.

The aim of occupational therapy treatment is to enable those affected to lead an independent and independent life in everyday life – school, job. The holistic approach ensures that not only physical, but also mental deficits can be compensated, the suffering of those affected is reduced, pain can be alleviated or the need for care can be delayed.
Physical therapy assistants

One belongs to the physical therapy clinic often to the treatment plan and then takes place in the hospital. For outpatient treatment in physiotherapy practice, you need a doctor’s prescription. Contact one of the best clinics named Speech Easy Solutions to get physical therapy with guaranteed results. Have a look at the service provide by our physical therapy assistants and get to know us more! We look forward to you! Contact us.