5 Things You Should Avoid When Selecting a Hostel for the First Time

One of the most significant and unforgettable experiences of college is your life at a hostel and it will stay with you lifelong. But if you ignore a few things, it can also be the worst experience. Living away from family is not easy and that?s why you should choose a hostel where you can feel at home. It can be hard to make the right choice and obviously, it requires some research. Particularly, if you have no prior experience staying in a student hostel in Mumbai, you should be extremely careful in deciding on your hostel. Here you will find 5 things you should avoid while opting for a PG in Mumbai for the first time.

1. An Undesirable Location

When you are looking for a hostel, the location should be the first thing on your mind. The location matters. The hostel should be located in proximity to all places you need to visit. It will hugely save you time and money. Preferably, you should select a hostal that is well-located to go to your college by some public transport. You should also make sure your hostel has cafes or markets nearby. Many people settle in a hostal in a bad location taking into account the cheap price but regret it later.??

2. Being Safe

You will have a few valuable things on you such as a laptop, smartphone, cash, etc. when you stay away from home. So, it is of great consequence that you have these safe all the time. Ensure that the hostal you select has some kind of security system primed, along with lockers, safety deposit boxes, and beyond. This furthermore implies you must look forward to your safety. Thus, pick out a hostel that is situated in a secure and busy locality with a hospital and police station nearby.??

3. Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity


If the hostel you are judging does not have good internet connectivity, it is worthwhile to discard it altogether. It is difficult to live even a day without the internet. When you have some assignments that need the internet, one of your priorities must be the internet. At times, hostals are likely to block some websites on the internet but if they block any site you need to access, you should talk to the officials.

4. Choosing a too Low-priced or too Expensive Hostel


Many of us believe the more expensive, the better. And many try to find cheap hostals to save money. But keep in mind that both situations can be problematic! There is every possibility that if you find a hostel at a too economical price, it does not provide suitable facilities and it will spoil your experience. In contrast, if you opt for a too expensive hostal, it may result in spending much more than you want. So, you should single out the best PG in Malad west for students with reasonable prices and cool amenities.

5. Not Exploring Important Features

A suitable location with a reasonable price is not sufficient to select the right hostel. Lots of people make this mistake and overlook checking the set of crucial features in the hostal because they suppose that the hostels, in general, provide practically the same set of features. Nevertheless, it is very essential to ensure all the services your hostal is making available. Do make sure for a common living room to get in touch with other people, TV, help desk, kitchen, locker facility, and other essential things. If you forget to verify this, you might encounter numerous problems during your stay in the hostel.