5 Reasons Why We Wear Hijab

Islam is the religion for all. It?s for all the people and with instructions according to the fitra. Means it?s going to be according to natural things. In other words the state of purity and innocence. In Islam you are going to get everything, including the instructions about the women with innocence and prosperity and their protection against all non-mahram people. When you are talking about the hijab for the people then you should know that, there are some reasons for that.?Read the detailed version of the reasons or benefits about it on Online Quran Academy.

Protection against the non-mahram 

The first priority for the hijab is that it?s for protection of the women against every tom dick and harry. It means that the women should only protect herself in front of people all who are not her mahram and can be called strangers. She needs to know according to Islam who are her mahram like father, brothers and all but should be covering totally from head to toe in front of others. 

Protection of chastity

The chastity of the women is very precious. For this reason the women should do all the needful to protect that. The hijab is the ideal source to protect the chastity of the women and in the way, that she is going to look beautiful but from the inside. It means that even if she is beautiful she will not be showcasing that to others but in fact she knows it from heart. She knows that her beauty is only for herself or her husband so it needs to be hidden like the diamond is hidden from strangers.

It defines you

The hijab is for Muslim women. It means that whenever someone looks at the Muslim women he or she knows that the person is Muslim. It means that Muslim women are identified by their appearance and the hijab can be ideal for that. Like for Muslim men the beard is source of identity, here the hijab is that for that. The hijab can be ideally good for you and you can find it very beautiful on the outside and very amazing on the inside without hesitation. 

Peace in the society

Many people doesn?t realize but if you are going to be wearing the hijab as the Muslim women then you are going to become the source for all to spread peace in the society as no one is going to harm you. You are going to find that the peace in the society can be acquired by hijab and no men will look at you but in fact then will look at you with respect and eventually you are going to find this thing beneficial for you. The lasting marriage is also possible through hijab and its one addition to become the peace in the society. A non-hijab is always looked as the piece of flesh which can be abused any time.


Hijab is not to make you closed in the cage but in fact it?s the freedom for you in this filthy world. You are going to be feeling relaxed and with freedom if you are going to wearing the hijab and will be feeling contrary to what the media says about subjection and all.