Difference Between Connected TV and OTT

Today’s viewers want more viewing options than the traditional TV of decades ago. They are now able to access their favorite content via mobile devices, game consoles, and Smart TVs.

Traditional TV did not offer the options that consumers wanted, so they had to pay a lot for channels they don’t watch.

Video-on-demand (VoD) allows consumers to access content in the format that suits their needs, at any time and from any location.

Consumers have access to a wider range of viewing options through Connected TV (CTV), and Over-the-Top (OTT) subscriptions at much lower rates than their satellite or cable counterparts.

CTV vs. OTT: What Are the Differences? When Can Each Be Used

CTV and OTT are hot words right now.

About 96 million Americans had at least one connected television in 2020, compared with 24% in 2010. In April 2020, 69.8 million homes used OTT, and the average home viewed 102 hours of OTT content within the same month.

CTV and OTT offer new experiences for both consumers and marketers. Marketers frequently use the terms interchangeably or confuse them one for the other, while consumers find it to be different than the cable or satellite they are used to, even though they don’t have a subscription.

Does that sound confusing? Let’s take a look at both to better understand the differences and similarities between CTV and OTT.

What is CTV?

CTV is a TV set that streams video content over the internet, instead of using satellite or traditional cable TV.

These TVs include Smart TVs and Chromecasts, Fire TV, Fire TV, Roku, and gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox that can be connected to the internet. These TVs allow consumers to connect to the internet and access streaming videos through downloaded apps.

CTV offers advertisers and marketers the opportunity to reach audiences that would otherwise be impossible without traditional TV commercials.

CTV’s growing audience is known as Cord Cutters. These are people who don’t have cable television. CTV’s superior targeting capabilities allow advertisers and marketers to reach these “unreached” audiences, ensuring that their marketing dollars go towards the most valuable customers.

CTV also delivers tangible digital and traditional results, including high completion rates.

What is OTT?

CTV is the device that allows you to view TV content over the internet. OTT, however, is the delivery method for online TV content.

OTT delivers this content via video on demand, streaming over top of traditional providers, rather than passing through satellite, cable, or broadcast TV providers.

Customers can stream content via their smartphones, tablets and laptops to platforms like Hulu, Prime Video or Netflix.

OTT is more appealing for consumers because it can be viewed on the viewer’s own schedule. Users don’t have to subscribe or pay for a satellite or cable provider to view video content. Most of it can be viewed online.

Smart marketers and advertisers are putting more money and resources into OTT platforms as more people choose OTT to replace traditional TV viewing options.

OTT offers advertisers and marketers 100% viewability, as ads are displayed full-screen. OTT also offers brand safety because ads can be delivered live or on-demand. This means that viewers can reach top-tier networks and popular content.

OTT has a 98% average completion rate for ads as viewers view the ads to the end.

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The Best OTT Platforms


VPlayed’s OTT solution allows media broadcasters, TV production houses, content owners, etc. to create a Whitelabel-enhanced OTT video monetization system that increases the reach of high-quality video content across multiple platforms with less effort. They can send high-quality video content to many devices including SmartTV, Android, and the Web.

VPlayed’s multi-bitrate transcoding technology, which is based on the cutting-edge HLS player technology, allows for the creation of high-quality OTT video streams. It is 100% customizable and allows for the development of the most engaging content management strategies. This makes it highly effective on both live streaming or on-demand casting.


FreeFlix HQ, a popular entertainment app, gives you access to thousands upon thousands of movies, anime, TV shows, and much other content. You can access a large video library, most of which are in HD 1080p. The app allows you to download videos and watch them offline. This app has built-in cast support that allows you to view your favorite content on larger screens. There are two versions of this app: FreeFlix HQ and FreeFlix TV. 

This app is the ideal app for WWE fans. This app allows you to stream all your favorite WWE events and matches for free. You can also watch more than 5000 anime shows and movies. You can also upload your own m3u Channels playlist and the app will automatically find the appropriate channels. This app can only be downloaded as an apk. You will need to install the apk file to get FreeFlix HQ. It can be installed on many devices, including Android, Firestick, Smart TVs, and PCs.


Kaltura’s SaaS-based platform allows your organization to fulfill flexible streaming requirements in the form life and on-demand video. This allows you to provide video communication tools such as virtual meetings, motivational podcasts, interactive town halls, and live webinars. You can also hold virtual classes or town hall meetings. You can host webinars and meetings by creating private rooms for users. This is ideal for hosting invitation-only and registration-only events.


PirloTV streams soccer live on your Android and iPhone mobiles. You can watch the matches anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars per year to view football games. You can stream any football match online with Pirlo TV without paying a dime. You can then access Pirlo TV’s official website or download the apk.

PirloTV It is one of many options on the internet to be able to watch unfounded soccer online from your computer. This service offers a wide range of channels, making it one of the most popular sites to watch these games. You can also view Pirlo TV on Android thanks to its many channels.

This website is one of many that you can use to stream football matches online. It also allows you to enjoy other sports broadcasts on TV.


60 percent of Americans are already using subscription-based OTT video services every day. This industry is huge and growing fast. It is also important to people’s daily lives. Now is the perfect time to get involved in this trend. The first step in starting a streaming service is to choose an OTT video platform that will host, manage and monetize it.

Hope you know the difference between OTT and Connected TV from our article. We also mention some best OTT APPs to choose the best OTT platform.