Projector1, One-stop Solution for Projector Beginners

Projector Beginners.?Projector1, a famous website specializing in the projector, provides a one-stop solution for projector users, helping them know projector knowledge better and make wise decisions.

Projector1 provides useful and practical services for beginners.

Beginner?s Guide to Projector

Projector1 features a Beginner?s Guide to Projectors. It covers the key parameters of the projector, projector interfaces, projection technology, screen knowledge, and FAQ, providing the most abundant, professional, and straightaway knowledge, helping users quickly and fully understand the projector.

Useful Tools

There are two useful tools on the website, projection calculator and projector lumen converter.

Projector1 Projection Calculator

The calculator can solve the three main problems of beginners, including the calculation of throw distance, screen size, and best viewing distance, helping users to know where to place the projector, the screen size, and the best viewing position.

The 3 Key Features of Projector1?s Online Calculator are as follows.

  • Calculating Projection/Screen Size
  • Calculating Throw Distance
  • Calculating Best Viewing Distance

Projector1 Lumen Converter

There are so three main units of brightness used by mainstream projector suppliers, including ANSI lumen, ISO lumen, and Light source lumen. Among the 3 units, ANSI lumen is widely accepted. The lumen labeled by projector suppliers is sometimes confusing and misleading.

Using the lumen converter, projector beginners can use the tool to quickly transfer the unit of lumens.

Practical Tech Tips

Many projector beginners may come across all kinds of problems about their projector, for example, screen mirroring, projector cleaning, remote control pairing and etc.

Projector1 has a section of tech tips, publishing the tech tips of all kinds of projectors around the world. If you have any problems with your projector, you may find an answer in this section.

To conclude, Beginner?s guide helps projector beginners to know about the projector; the tools help them to choose and set up their projector; the tech tips help projector users to solve all kinds of tech problems after purchase, all of which provide one-stop solution throughout projector purchase and use.