8 Of The Most Photogenic Places In The World to Snap For A Photo Calendar

Whether you?re a seasoned globetrotter, or someone who holidays once a year, photo calendars offer excellent and versatile display possibilities for your photography talents.

If you?re keen to impress your family and friends with stunning snaps of the most photogenic places on the planet, here are 8 of the best travel destinations to consider for your next getaway?

1. London, UK

Anyone who lives in the UK can easily discover many amazing locations to photograph in London. A day trip to the bustling capital city is a richly rewarding experience for a photographer who wants to snap a collection of iconic landscape and cityscape images.

It?s easy to fill up multiple photo calendars with spectacular photos of London landmark beauty spots and scenic attractions that inspire awe and conversation. Snap Insta-worthy images of the famous Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and St Paul?s Cathedral, and display them in a calendar collage arrangement.

Alternatively, you can capture the entrancing bright lights at Piccadilly Circus, or follow in the steps of the Beatles at Abbey Road, and highlight a singular image per calendar page.

2. Paris, France

Give your stylish and personalised calendar a romantic vibe with a plethora of gorgeous photos of Paris. Wander around the charming old district Latin Quarter and soak up the atmosphere. You?ll find many prime photo opportunities all around you, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Basilica of Sacr? Coeur de Montmartre and Notre Dame Cathedral.

You may also feel inspired to snap the prettiest and most colourful painted houses along Rue Cr?mieux, to add to your photogenic collection of prints.

3. New York, USA

There are sensational landmarks a-plenty to capture via camera, in the vibrant city of New York. While you can certainly create beautiful artwork for photo calendars by visiting the popular attractions of Central Park, SoHo and Greenwich Village, it?s definitely worth snapping unexpected views of the city from Brooklyn?s Old Pier 1.

Take a stroll along Washington Street and challenge yourself to perfectly frame a shot of the iconic Empire State Building.

4. Barcelona, Spain

Rich in history and culture, cosmopolitan Barcelona is home to many captivating treasures that can give your personalised calendar a unique artistic quality. Visit the famous native architect Antoni Gaudi?s Sagrada Familia Cathedral and snap mesmerising shots both inside and out.

If you?re interested in creating stunning modern artwork to display on your interior walls all year round, visit Casa Batll?, and Parc G?ell and experiment with quirky angles as you snap the enchanting organic architectural forms.

5. Santorini, Greece

If you want to shoot breathtaking sunrise/sunset photographs, it?s highly recommended that you visit Santorini in Greece. The sun-drenched island boasts crystalline turquoise waters, clear blue sky, and a whitewashed landscape that is dotted with quaint blue domed churches that are centuries old.

During the golden hour, just before sunset, head to the caldera side of Oia to find your prime shot spot. For a striking photographic contrast, and to add a wow factor to your travel inspired photo calendars, you can also capture great photos of the volcanic black sandy beach of Perissa.

Relax and take your time with the photosTo capture unforgettable images, it?s worth experimenting with different settings, lenses and angles. Instead of using filters, allow the natural colours to shine through

6. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Boasting many locations that have featured in the epic Game of Thrones TV series, Dubrovnik has fast become a must-visit destination that exceeds all expectations. The Croatian Old Town is perched high on the edge of the Adriatic Sea, and encircled by massive 16th century walls that preserve charming Renaissance and Gothic buildings within.

There are numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites that offer excellent photo opportunities located in Croatia. To explore the city?s historic core, walk along the top of the magnificent ancient walls and gaze downwards into the winding alleys. For awesome aerial shots, head for the Min?etaTower

7. Havana, Cuba

The unmistakable shabby chic charm of the Cuban city of Havana makes a highly photogenic arrangement that effortlessly enhances your interior d?cor. While holidaying in the Latin American country?s main port city, take time out to photograph the candy-coloured Colonial architecture and vintage automobiles.

The historic heart of Old Havana and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Trinidad will make you instantly feel like you have stepped back in time. Snap an array of rainbow coloured images of buildings, majestic structures, and plazas that are filled with people having fun.

8. The Maldives

While it?s great to photograph places around the world that showcase the history, culture and heritage of the destination and country, it?s also fantastic to relax and kick-back in a setting that totally takes your breath away.

Displaying perfect picture postcard snaps of the palm-fringed white sand beaches and cool aquamarine waters of the Maldives will undoubtedly impress your family and friends. The idyllic archipelago comprises of 1200 islands that reflect the essence and natural beauty of the Maldives.

You?ll need specialist equipment if you want to take full advantage of the vibrant marine life photography opportunities that are widely available. If you want to capture the fabulous scenery at its best, avoid snapping away in the harsh afternoon light. Take phenomenal photos of the palm tree lined beaches and uninterrupted sea views, and fill up your photo calendars with images that inspire feelings of wanderlust. You can also book a seaplane ride and snap bird?s eye views of paradise.