How To Be An Expert In Minecraft? Check It Out!

If you love playing video games, then Minecraft is for you. In the gaming community, it is so popular. And there are so many reasons that the game is so famous. There are many aspects to this open-world game. 

You can mine, hunt, survive, create or even fight with monsters. It depends on you what aspect you want to explore in this game. There are players who are great at surviving, and there are players who are great at creating buildings.

You can play in surviving mode, creative mode, and other modes, but the game has so many aspects that someone needs to be smart to be an expert in this game. Before knowing about the aspects, you need to decide what you want to be an expert on.

Survival Mode In Minecraft

I have already told you that there are different aspects. In this game, survival is a must thing to do. You need shelter, food, weapons, and other things to survive in your world. So, there are many different tips and tricks that someone should know to become an expert.

1. Gather Resources

After starting the game, you will have only one thing- a map. So, the first thing you need to gather is wood. There are tree trunks, you can punch those for gathering wood. Sometimes players spawn in an area where there are no trees. You can make wood by crafting dirt or sand blocks. 

After gathering wood, open your crafting menu. You can make sticks and wooden plank blocks by crafting the wood blocks. You don’t need a crafting table to craft the wooden plank blocks.

2. Build A Shelter

When we talk about surviving, getting shelter is crucial. There are hostile mobs who can attack you even in the daytime. But at night, there is a high possibility that these mobs can attack you. So if you want to survive in this game, you need shelter. 

At first, the shelters will be temporary. So, try to give less effort. You can use dirt, wooden planks, or any material to build. Then, if you are able to find a permanent location, you can make a permanent shelter.

3. Craft Tools

To survive in Minecraft, you need tools. You can craft tools with different materials. There are different weapons you can make also. You can make wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond tools. If you want to survive in this game, you need the following tools.

  • Sword
  • Pickaxe
  • Axe
  • Hoe
  • Shovel
  • Torches
  • Chest
  • Bed
  • Furnace
  • Fishing Rods
  • Boat
  • Find Food

Food is one of the crucial things to survive in Minecraft. Your health will decrease if your hunger meter is full and you are injured. There are many ways to make food. 

You can slaughter animals, cook meat in the furnace, or harvest crops. You can also make food from sugar cane, wheat, and other ingredients.

4. Explore

When you start a new game in Minecraft, you have only a map. You can use the map to explore your world in this game. By exploring more, the map will fill out. There are villages, caves, and temples.  

There is one thing you should keep in mind do not lose the map. Also, do not go too far from your shelter, otherwise, you can be lost.

5. Permanent Home Base

While exploring the map, you can find a permanent location to set up your base. The place should be full of resources. For example, villages, cave systems, forests, or mountains can be nearby.

Also, keep in mind to build the shelter with solid materials. Your shelter will consist of a large bed, crafting table, chests, furnace, or other valuable tools. If you are free, then you can decorate the place.?

6. Go For Mining

You can ask where you can find the materials for crafting. Mining is one of the crucial aspects of Minecraft. You can find iron ore, gold ore, redstone, emerald, diamond, and other minerals. You need to find caves for mining. You can use your pickaxe to mine.?

There are a few factors that you should keep in mind. First, there are mobs, deadly drops and lava, be careful while mining. Important things can be lost in caves, so keep your things in your home.?

7. Craft Armor

Armors give you more protection. You can use leather, iron, gold, or other materials to craft. There are four different parts of the armor. These are a helmet, chest part, pants, and shoes.

8. Build Farms

There is a way you can get unlimited resources by creating a firm. To plant and grow different crops, you can use a garden. You can have unlimited wheat, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, melons, pumpkins, and more. There are firm animals in Minecraft. You can slaughter these animals also.

9. Learn Enchantments

You can find bonuses and perks by finding enchantments. First, you will need an enchantment table for creating enchanted books. Then you can craft an anvil, and you will get enchanted weapons, tools, and armor from that anvil.

10. Nether

Nether is a different dimension that consists of fire, lava, and mobs. This dimension contains materials and minerals you cannot find in a regular Minecraft world. You also will discover potions in this dimension. But you will need a Nether portal to go there.

11. Make Potions

You can be a superhuman with the help of potions. There are both positive and negative effects of potions. But you will need a blaze rod and cobblestone to craft potions. There are a few options that you can consume and other potions you can throw.

Other than surviving, you can be a good builder. An expert builder is an excellent survival also. You can be a good builder by following these steps.

  • You can practice in the creative mode.
  • You can observe other builders for ideas.
  • You can draw your future building.
  • Decorate your building with different colors.
  • You should use the basic blocks.
  • Remember, small shapes are better than large shapes.
  • Use different blocks.
  • Try to be creative when you are creating a building.
  • There are redstone mechanics, you should learn them.

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Final Words

Though I have told you all sorts of tips and tricks for becoming an expert in Minecraft, experience is the best teacher. So, try to explore more ways by playing this game.

But, do not give all your attention to this game. Your eyes are important, and slight medical negligence can significantly affect you. And, who knows, maybe you will kill the Ender Dragon before your friends. 

Thank you.