Do You Know The Story Of Instagram?

Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are the two men who created Instagram. Systrom has a degree in computer science from Stanford and Krieger did research in design of products through the Rhode Island School of Design.

Their first meeting was back in 2007 in the year 2007 when Krieger had been working at a new start-up while Systrom worked as an intern.?They became friends and began working on the same project.

In 2009 the company came up with the concept for Instagram. It was based off the similar app “Picaboo”, which had been released earlier in the year.

The Beginning of Instagram

One year later, in October of the year 2010, Instagram was released in October of 2010, and was nothing more than an app that let users share pictures with their acquaintances.

In the beginning there were several apps that could do this, however Instagram was unique because it utilized a filter that could make your pictures appear as they were shot with an old-fashioned camera. 

The feature was extremely popular at the beginning and, soon Instagram gained a fan base which its popularity increased. In the space of a few months it had a million users. Check Now

Acquired By Facebook

It was in 2012 that Facebook acquired Instagram at a price of $1 billion. It was a huge deal at the time and it created Instagram among the top social media platforms in the world.

Since since then, Instagram has added a variety of new functions for its users. You can now share your videos or send messages to friends, and even use hashtags.

Competing With Snapchat and Growth of Influencer Marketing

in 2013, Instagram added a new feature named “Stories”, which lets you upload videos and photos that disappear within 24 hours. The feature was created to compete with the wildly loved social media site Snapchat and became a huge success.

From 2013 until the year 2016, Instagram has grown year-on-year. A lot of people believe that in this time, influencers began to gain popularity and this only increased the popularity of the platform.

A lot of people began to realize how easy it was to earn money through leveraging the Instagram’s audience many decided to try it.?The majority of those who were looking to make it more successful through COMPRARSEGUIDORESARGENTINA ended up?purchasing Instagram followers?or likes.

They also bought views to aid the algorithm recognize that they’re worthy of greater natural exposure.

Competing With TikTok

Since the launch of TikTok in the year 2016 and has become the most powerful rival to Instagram the application has slowly lost users. But, it’s an extremely well-known social media platforms around the world, and has more than 1 . billion daily active users.

After the successful introduction of Snapchat’s main driver for success – the 24-hour stories, Instagram did the same trick using TikTok’s brief and humorous videos.

The app has also introduced the brand-new feature that was added for the app, reels.

These reels are basically short-form videos that viewers can browse randomly like as TikTok and enjoy the endless quantity of content that is relevant to their interests without needing to look for it.

The roll-on feature swiftly gave Instagram an important boost following the massive success TikTok enjoyed in the market.


So there you go the tale of Instagram. Instagram definitely had a fascinating past and we cannot be excited to see what the future has in store on the Instagram platform. Since its inception in 2010 Instagram has come a considerable distance and, to date there are more than one billion monthly active users.

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