MacBook 12in M7 Review


If you’re looking for a slim laptop with great performance and battery life, the MacBook 12in M7 is an excellent choice. However, it’s not without its limitations.


The MacBook is crafted from a single block of aluminum, which makes it extremely rigid and sturdy. It’s so solid that Apple uses “Mac” in front of the name instead of “MacBook,” just like its older siblings. The weight is also impressive at 5.2 pounds?it feels lighter than most 13-inch laptops, including some larger ones!

The edges are very sharp and may cut you if you’re not careful with how you handle the laptop (or if you have small hands). The rubber feet on each corner protrude enough to protect against scratches when placing it down on any surface, but I found myself worrying about them as I used my other hand to type on the keyboard.


The MacBook is a great performer. It’s fast and responsive, and can handle most tasks with ease.

For example, it doesn’t take long for the MacBook to wake up from sleep mode or to launch apps in the background. You’ll also find that everyday tasks like opening files and switching between apps feel snappy on this computer?just as they should be on a modern machine.

The same goes for more intensive operations: I was able to edit photos in Photoshop using nondestructive effects without any issues, and my first-person shooter gaming experience was smooth thanks to its powerful graphics engine (more about that below). Of course, if you’re looking to do some serious video editing or run multiple apps at once while gaming at high resolution, then you’ll need something more powerful than the MacBook 12in M7?but those are extreme cases where even the most powerful laptops will struggle under pressure anyway.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard is fantastic, with just the right amount of travel. The keys are large and well spaced, and they emit a satisfying click when you press them. I never felt like I had to be careful with my typing, because I knew my keystrokes would register without fail.

The trackpad is also excellent?and it has a ton of gestures that make navigating your Mac easier than ever before. You can swipe up or down on the pad to scroll through pages in apps like Safari or Google Chrome; you can swipe left or right to move between photos in Photos app; you can tap with three fingers to see all open windows at once; and more! The only thing I would change about the trackpad is its size: it’s smaller than what most people are used to these days, but once you get used to it (which doesn’t take long), everything works great! There’s also an embedded fingerprint reader that lets me log into my computer quickly?a nice touch for security purposes but not something vital enough for me to drop $$$ on less pricey options if none of those features matter much for everyday use cases.”


The screen is the most obvious difference between this new MacBook and its predecessor. At 12.2 inches, it’s only slightly larger than the 11-inch iPad Pro, but with a wider 16:10 aspect ratio instead of the iPad’s cinematic 21:9. It’s also a Retina display, which means that instead of using two pixels to make one dot (as in non-Retina screens), Apple has been able to cram four pixels into each dot?and thus achieve tremendous resolution without sacrificing image quality or clarity.

The result is an impressive 2304 x 1440 resolution at 326 ppi that makes everything look crisp and lifelike?the kind of display you’d expect from an expensive MacBook Pro or iMac rather than something more affordable like an iPhone XS Max or Galaxy Note 10+ 5G+.

Battery life

The 12-inch MacBook M7 boasts a 10-hour MacBook 12-Inch Battery Life, and Apple claims that it can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. The company also claims that the MacBook M7 can get up to 30 days of standby time.


The speaker is located on the bottom of the laptop and has acceptable sound, but not great. It?s better than previous generation MacBooks, but still pales in comparison to other laptops like the Dell XPS 13 and Microsoft Surface Book 2. The sound coming from this speaker is thinner and more tinny than its peers, which makes it hard to hear when watching movies or listening to music at higher volumes if you have other people in your room. If you want better audio quality for music or movies, we recommend using headphones with your MacBook.

Price and availability

The Apple MacBook 12in M7 is available in gold, space gray, silver and rose gold. It ranges from $1,299 to $1,799 depending on the options you choose.

A great laptop, but not without its limitations.

The MacBook 12-inch is a great laptop. It has a beautiful design and top-notch performance, and it’s one of the only laptops with decent battery life.

However, if you’re looking for a truly portable computer that can handle processor-heavy tasks such as video editing or gaming, the MacBook 12-inch isn’t going to cut it. Its small screen and low resolution make it difficult to work on comfortably when away from home without an external display?especially if your main projects involve video editing or gaming.


The MacBook 12in M7 is a great laptop, but it isn?t without its limitations. It has an amazing build quality and design, with a decent keyboard and trackpad. Its performance is also good enough to get you through most tasks without any issues. However, the screen could be better and battery life is not the best on this machine either – though both are still decent for most users. The biggest issue with this device seems to be its price tag which comes in at over ?1500 for some configurations which can make some people think twice before buying one.

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