4 Hobbies Cannabis Users Will Love

Although millions of people in the United States alone are using cannabis, it?s common for others to associate the drug with ?stoners.? The truth is that the stereotypical weed user of the past is a minority today.

Now, it?s just as common, if not more so, for someone to use medical marijuana as recreational weed. And these individuals rarely have the ?Shaggy? personality (a la Scooby Doo-fame).

Cannabis users frequently skip the joints in favor of edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and other methods of THC ingestion. Another thing they have in common is the search for hobbies where they can include marijuana in the activity.

If that sounds like you, this article is what you?ve been looking for. We?ve put together a list of four of the favorite cannabis-friendly hobbies. Try one or all, and see how you, too, can expand your weed lifestyle.

1. Cooking

The culinary arts were redefined with the introduction of cannabis into the kitchen. The new step of decarboxylating took away the initial unappetizing flavor that was part of cooking with weed and left the flavorful and beneficial aspects.

Since cannabidiol (CBD) lost its stigma with THC-free varieties, it has become common to see CBD items on restaurant menus worldwide. Cooking with cannabutter, canna oils, seasonings, and other cannabis-based ingredients is not only popular, but it?s also a delicacy people will pay big money for. You can join in on the trend and learn how to cook with cannabis in your home.

2. Exercising

Do you enjoy working out (or do you know you?re supposed to)? Take your workout to the next level by adding a cannabis component to the pre-exercise regime.

Weed enhances the body?s chemical reaction to fitness. Although there aren?t any officially-sanctioned research studies on the topic (cannabis and sports are still a no-no at this level), unofficial reports suggest a strong connection.

Mixing weed with workouts may increase your enjoyment and motivation and decrease your recovery time after exercising. In fact, these studies put an end to the ?stoner? argument against cannabis by showing that using weed can increase how much time you spend at the gym, hiking, biking, or engaging in other active activities.

3. Art Classes

It?s no secret that some of the best psychedelic movies (think: Alice in Wonderland, Maximum Overdrive, and Pineapple Express) were created by someone with a weed experience. But you don?t have to be into filmmaking to enjoy the creativity that comes with cannabis.

Take up an art class and learn how to shift your extra energy and focus into your craft. One of the first types of weed-friendly classes hit the headlines over five years ago, starting in Denver. ?Puff, Pass, and Paint? encouraged amateur artists to use the recreationally-friendly weed laws to unleash their painting talents.?

Since then, cannabis users have expanded their artistic abilities to include craft hobbies like knitting and quilting, pottery, and other creative outlets. Look for a 420-friendly class near you, or sign up for online courses you can complete from the comfort of your home.

4. Get Musical and Wordsy

Does your creative side lean more toward the musical world than the hands-on crafts? If so, join the club of talents like Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Madonna, and Wiz Khalifa ? artists who openly use and support cannabis.

With the stigma of weed in the rearview mirror, more celebrities are coming out and admitting their biggest successes were a product of weed use. The creative process is often enhanced when marijuana is involved.

While you?re high, you might pen some of your best lyrics or poetic stanzas. Take lessons to learn how to play that instrument you?ve always wanted to master, and you?ll be amazed at how fast you pick up the skills. 

Weed lowers your inhibitions and increases your brain?s access to your creative side. The walls you would have otherwise had up, slowing you down and telling you something is ?too hard,? are gone. Your brain becomes a sponge learning the chords and movements.

When the high is gone, read your artistic pieces or play the chords that are now muscle memory. You?ll be pleasantly surprised at how impressed you are with your results!


Gone are the days of binge-watching TV shows stoned while eating the contents of your refrigerator. Today?s average cannabis user is creative and productive, engaging in hobbies like these four stoner favorite activities.