Why You’ll Love Living in Columbia, SC

If the Carolinas are calling your name, there?s not going to be anywhere better than Columbia. Those from the biggest cities throughout the U.S. will be right at home with all the amenities and cultural outings on offer in Columbia but don’t feel like you will be out of place if you are more familiar with small town living. Columbia is still going to offer plenty of that charm and friendliness that you’re used to.

Those factors alone make it sound like Columbia has something for everyone and that is the complete truth regardless of what means the most to you in life. Believe it or not, there’s plenty more reasons why you should look at Columbia houses for sale and he’s a few of the top reasons locals love Columbia.

Affordable Charm

Those who haven’t spent much, if any, time in the Carolinas might think the pull of southern charm makes for an astronomical cost of living but the truth couldn’t be further from that. No matter who you ask, everyone knows your dollar goes that little bit further in Columbia. Compared to the average throughout the country, the general cost of living here is 4% less expensive so every purchase you make is going to feel more reasonable and less burdensome.

Thankfully, housing prices are included in that lower cost of living. Houses here are over 10% cheaper than comparable properties in more expensive cities throughout other regions of the country. Getting more bang for your buck when buying a house is going to feel all the sweeter when it’s in an extremely friendly community you?re moving into.

Unbeatable Weather

Life is so good here that the main thing you’ll have to worry about is whether you love the people more or the gorgeous weather. The cost of living in Columbia is lower than average and nothing pairs better with that than a higher than average amount of sunny days per year.

Of course you?ll love your house, but it might take a while for it to feel like yours because of how much time you end up spending outside.

Even though there is more sun than average, you’ll still even be able to see a snowy day every once in a while too. If you are coming from a colder part of the country, you?ll be happy to see a few snowflakes every once in a while but also be thrilled that you won’t spend the coldest season of the year shoveling snow day after day.

The Great Outdoors

The only thing more exciting than beautiful weather is having plenty to do when you are outside. Even if your relationship with nature is nothing more than the occasional walk in the park, you’ll still feel like you have plenty to see and do here. Both Columbia Canal and the River Front Park are staples of the city and accessible enough to anyone. For those looking for a little more adventure, your options will be unlimited in the greater Columbia area. From a hiking trip to Congaree National Park to a day spent kayaking on Lake Murray, there’s a lifetime of outdoor activities for you to enjoy here.