Video Ads On LinkedIn: Tips For Using Them

Video marketing is undoubtedly dominating the digital marketing space. Brands and businesses that have integrated video marketing as part of their campaign have achieved tremendous growth through organic traffic, increased engagement, higher lead conversion, and sales. While most social media platforms are instrumental to video marketing, LinkedIn is the only platform focusing majorly on B2B customers. LinkedIn is a professional networking space that connects industries and industry experts from versatile domains.

What are videos ads?

LinkedIn video adsare sponsored or paid video content with advanced audience targeting. Each video ad is curated and meticulously targeted for a specific audience to increase the brand’s reach and visibility. Video ads are an affordable video marketing strategy offering high ROI. The targeted video ads have massive user engagement compared to native or embedded video links.

Video ads are sponsored content campaigns that drive awareness and information about a brand. One of the best things about video ads is the content is shown directly on the LinkedIn news feed. They are similar to the Facebook advertisement targeting a niche demographic or B2B audience.

Tips to make the best use of the video ads

LinkedIn advertisements are a great way to generate traffic from the relevant audience and create a top-notch sales funnel. It works on increasing brand awareness and website conversion and generates leads accordingly. Here are some effective tips on making the best use of the Video ads on LinkedIn:

Always add a CTA button

CTA or Click-to-action is important as it directs the audience to the next step. Adding a CTA button to the video ads leads the viewer to the business website, creating traffic and building a sales funnel. Here are some of the CTA buttons you can add to the video ads:

  • Signup Now
  • Shop Now
  • Buy Now
  • Learn More

Add a lead capture form

Always add a lead generation form with the video ads to help capture good leads. The conversion form effectively tracks the conversion and checks the sales through the video ads. The lead capture form is a great way to create an email list and integrate it with the CRM. The email list is effective in customized email marketing.

Creating the right Linked video ad

The LinkedIn Native video insights tool helps in getting an idea about the demographics and type of audience engagement with the video content. The insight help in providing information regarding who’s viewing the videos based on the company name, location, job title, etc. Use this information to create sponsored or promoted video ads. Here is how you can create video ads for LinkedIn:

  • The LinkedIn Promoted Update Option helps you choose from different campaigns depending on what you would like to achieve from the video ads. It includes video views, leads, or click-through rates.
  • Upload the video content for advertising. Once you have chosen a particular campaign, target it to a specific demographic depending on the company, job title, skill, and level of seniority. Make sure to only select the relevant target audience.
  • Once you have targeted the video ads for a particular audience, choose a budget and bid amount. Adjust the budget depending on the audience range.

Take care of technical specifications

While creating the video ads for LinkedIn, it is necessary to keep in mind that the right specification improves engagement. As most people use their smartphones for scrolling through LinkedIn, make sure the video layout is horizontal and in square format. Keep the file size in the range of 75 KB to 200 MB, and adjust the height of the video in the range of 360 to 1080px.

Optimize the video length

Long-form video ads are not recommended for LinkedIn. As it is a professional networking platform, keeping the video ads crisp, informative, and to the point is crucial. Optimizing the video length is necessary so that it keeps the audience engaged. Keep the video ads under 30 seconds as people prefer to watch short-form videos.

Use an interesting hook

The hook is the intro or first few seconds of a video. Ensure that the video ad’s first few seconds are interesting enough to keep the target audience interested. As the video ad appears on the feed, a powerful intro compels the audience to click on the ads or the CTA, boosting better sales or traffic to the business website.

Create the video ads as per the objective or goal

Always ask yourself what you want to accomplish or achieve from the video ads. There are different marketing stages, each targeting a specific target audience. Make the video ads as per the sales funnel.

  • Brand awareness ? Video ads that aim to create awareness include content like the brand story, sharing mission, provide thought leadership. Keep the video short; ensure that it is not extending beyond 30 seconds. Bid for such video ads by cost per view.
  • Brand consideration ? In this stage, there are leads, and the audience has shown interest in a particular product. This video ad stage aims to provide highly specific information regarding a product or service. So, make a video of 30 to 60 seconds highlighting a solution or showcasing a product. The best way to bid for such video ads is by cost per 1,000 impressions.
  • Demand generation ? This is the last stage of the sales funnel, which aims to convert the viewers into leads. Such video ads include content that attracts the audience to the product or service. Bid by cost per click is the best way to collect leads.

Keep a check on the metrics

B2B metrics for the video ads are an important determining factor in how the ads perform. Through CTR or VTR (view-through rate) metrics, you can track how many people engaged with the video ad. This helps determine and understand how people respond to the targeted video ads. The metrics help create better video ads aligned and targeted according to the relevant audience.

Test and optimize the video ads

The A/B test helps find out the KPIs and metrics, allowing refining of the ads as per the different requirements. Here are some things to test for optimizing the video ads:

  • Type of content
  • Inclusion of intro
  • Length of the video
  • Landing pages
  • Headlines


LinkedIn video ads are a powerful way to connect and engage with the target audience. The video ads, being sponsored content, appear on the feed and are targeted to specific demographic. The video ads help with the development of a solid video marketing campaign for a brand and can reap good results if utilized smartly.