Top 5 Krnl Alternative That Work

Krnl is a popular Roblox exploit. It is a reliable and stable tool that allows users to create super-compact scripts such as the Owl Hub. KRNL relies on key systems to generate revenue.

Krnl can be a great program and has few problems. However, it sometimes crashes or fails to function due to compatibility issues. These top 5 Krnl alternatives work well on nearly every device.

1. JJSploit:?

JJSploit is no longer a command-line cheat tool. It has evolved into a fully-featured Lua executor that can be used on any device. JJSploit is free of paid advertisements and has a simple UI that makes it easy to perform complex cheats with no crash issues.


JJSploit Instruction

  • This is a DLL exploit that requires a DLL injector in order to function properly.
  • Compatible with 32-bit and 64 Windows OS devices (Windows 7 and above).
  • Other operating systems than Windows are not supported.
  • The majority of patches for the DLL injector are updated every other week. Check the website regularly to see if any updates are available.
  • Try disabling your antivirus and Windows firewall if you are unable to download the software.

2. Coco Z: 

This is a beautiful, feature-rich, well executed exploit that Walz, N4ri and MC have created.

Coco Z

Coco Z Instruction

  • Name it “Coco Z” and create a folder on your computer’s hard drive.
  • Go to the virus and threat protection option in your antivirus program.
  • Scroll down to “Manage Settings” and click on “Add or Remove Exclusions”.
  • Add the exclusion to your Coco Z folder.
  • Revert to the Virus & Threat Protection settings and disable Real-time protection.
  • Extract the zip file. Open the application file from there.
  • Accept the privacy statement and click the “Get Key” button to access a Linkvertise URL.
  • Click on the checkboxes to get free access to ads and find interesting articles.
  • Copy the Key system page key and paste it into Coco Z.

3. Skisploit:

?Skisploit, yet another Lua executable available for free. Skisploit is completely free and doesn’t require any key system. It can be used directly by the user to fully exploit Roblox. It also has unique features such as caching, debugging, writing a file and getting the clipboard.


Skisploit Instruction

  • You can disable your Antivirus and join Roblox to download the hack/Skisploit.
  • Follow the entire key generation process as described in the software. Copy the generated key.
  • Copy it now and click the “continue” or “submit” button.
  • The interface will prompt you to enter the script execution area. You can download it from the RobloxScript.
  • Copy the script that you like into the execution box.
  • Click the “Execute” button to execute the script on the games you are trying to hack/exploit.

4. Gravity Switch:

?It allows you to play with multiple people at once. This exploit software allows you to play simultaneously with seven players by simply applying the scripts. You can also use power-ups to increase your high score.

Gravity Switch

Instructions for Gravity Switching

  • Gravity Switch is similar to JJSploit. You will need the appropriate injector.
  • The hack can be downloaded by disabling your Antivirus. You should disable your Antivirus because it exploits software such as Gravity Switch to spread malware and viruses.
  • You can use the same process for most exploits software. Follow the steps in the section above.

5. OxygenU: 

OxygenU is a level 6 Lua executor. It can run more that 80% of all scripts without crashing. Oxygen U is a beautiful UI that receives frequent updates. It also has a faster loading time, attachment time, and execution. Roblox’s custom UI is rich in features and allows users to quickly set up exploits and then apply and execute scripts for specific games. You can also download it free of charge from the OxygenU website.

OxygenU is a level 6 Lua executor

Oxygen U Instructions

  • Download the most recent Oxygen U version and check for updates.
  • Your Antivirus software should be disabled if it detects Oxygen U exploit software as a Malware program.
  • You must have at least Windows 7+ for smooth operation.
  • If your internet connection drops while you are using Oxygen U, make sure to contact your ISP. Install and use a VPN app if you are sure.
  • You will need to download the OxygenU exploit, install it, and then execute the scripts to hack any game you like.

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