Five difficulties that most micro-influencers encounter?

Influencer marketing is a very popular and effective marketing strategy. Now all brands are using this marketing strategy and why not this marketing strategy provides fast results. Now 90 percent of brands around the world are adopting influencer Marketing Strategies. The direct reason for this is the high ROI of Influencer Marketing.

Whenever it comes to influencers, micro-influencer plays a big role. They have a high engagement rate as compared to other influencers. Apart from this, you do not need much money to work with them. It is very easy to contact them. But micro-influencers also have to face some problems. What are those problems, let’s go on talking about them.

Creating good content

Good content is a must for every influencer and brand. The first requirement of a micro-influencer is to create good content in order to build engagement and attract followers to the brand. It sounds a little easy in thinking but it is a very difficult task. You have to keep many things in mind while creating content. Whether it will hurt anyone’s sentiment, whether it will be liked by the people or not. It reads to take care of all the things like whether the brand will look credible or not, how to attract the audience etc.

Creating content involves reading and thinking of new ideas, it also costs a lot of money. For example, if you are promoting a travel brand, then you will have to spend on materials, hotel expenses, plane tickets, etc.


Every influencer expects to promote a brand as well as compensation. Often brands approach Micro Influencers because they want to save their money, that’s why Micro Influencers are very cheap. In contrast, macro influences tend to charge more. There are many brands that compensate for Influencers in various ways. This includes gifts, money, etc.

It is very important to compensate micro influencers or else they may not be able to cover their costs. This move puts trouble in their work and data making them a challenge. If you don’t compensate the influencer, it can ruin your relationship. Compensating the influencer can create a good relationship between you and them.

Not getting creative freedom.

One of the biggest challenges micro-influencers faces is that they do not get full creative freedom. This prevents Influencers from creating content from their ideas. Influencers are known for their great content, they know how to create content. It can be a bit frustrating for Influencers when brands don’t give freedom to Influencers.

Content failure.

We also told you above that an Influencer has a little trouble creating high-quality content on a daily basis. Their followers may not say well or like all of their stuff. The viewer likes the post, and they comment well on it. But other content they don’t like will react badly to it.

Creating the right content for Influencers can lower their engagement rate which can be a problem for Influencers. That’s why creating good content is very important for an influencer. This also keeps the engagement rate of Influencers intact.

Final words.

Being a micro-influencer you can face many problems, but you have to face them. This challenge is a bit tough but not impossible if you work hard it is very easy to fight them.