How to Add Music to Your Snaps Or Stories in Snapchat?

Snapchat is a fantastic platform that has provided users with so many unique features which no other platform had like maintaining streaks, snap scores, etc. Snapchat never disappoints its users this is why it has introduced the feature of adding music to stories and streaks for the users. 

But there are many users who have no idea about how they will be able to put music and this is why we have created this blog in which we are going to guide our users on how to add music to Snapchat stories so that they do not miss out on it. 

The users can take help from the steps we have provided for them in the blog, also the users need to execute all the steps properly then only then will be able to add music to their story or on their snaps. 

Adding Music to Snapchat Snaps or Stories for the users ??

  • The users first need to open snap chat ad then they will need to move to the camera screen of the snap chat following which the users need to look for the sign of the music note on the screen. 
  • Once the users have found it they need to press on the music note and as soon as the users will press on it they will see a drop-down menu that will appear in front of them with so many options. 
  • The users will get the options of genres, recommended songs, etc from there the users need to find a song of their choice, the users can also search for that song in the search bar. 
  • After selecting the song the users will have a slider on the screen which will allow the users to select the portion of the song they would like to put into their snap. 
  • Users can also take a picture or record a video and the song will play along with it for ?how to pick a song on Snapchat. 
  • After the users have finished this thing they will be able to see a small sticker that will have the name of the artist as well as the name of the song, the users can position this sticker anywhere they want. 
  • The users can share music to snap chat very easily and without any effort if they will follow all the steps which we have provided them for how to add music to Snapchat so that they can share the music they like with their friends on the platform. 

How To Add Spotify Music on Snapchat Story?


Perhaps you simply need to share music, and not add any of your very own substance. Snapchat and Spotify have made this interaction extremely simple. Basically follow these means:

  1. Open Spotify on your phone and select the song you’re paying attention to.
  2. Tap the three vertical lines in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select “share.”
  4. Tap on “Snapchat” and your melody will show up with the collection cover.
  5. You can continue from here to posting similarly as you would with some other Snap.

Besides the way that music is an extraordinary method for articulating your thoughts or acquainting a companion with something you love, you can add stickers, messages, and different highlights to your Spotify Snap prior to sharing.

Final Words

We hope that the information which we have provided for the users has been useful and helpful for them and they were able to use it for their own benefit. 

The users can visit the profile Onlinegeeks if they are looking for more reliable information knowledge about Snapchat and issues which are related to Snapchat. Also, the site is simple to access so the users will also not face difficulties while they are trying to look for the information they need. 

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