Facebook Suspended my Account, How to Recover it?

Facebook is a very famous social media application that has helped a lot of people in chatting with their friends and family. The application is also very useful in knowing about the latest happening in the world. And this is why it is very problematic when your Facebook account is suspended. There can be many reasons why your facebook account has been suspended because Facebook does not tolerate the violation of its guidelines and this is why in this guide, we are going to tell you all about the reasons why your account has been suspended and how you can recover it. 

Why is my Facebook Account Suspended?

As we have told you earlier that Facebook is not very tolerable towards the accounts that violate the guidelines of Facebook and the different actions can lead to the suspension of your account. If Facebook keeps suspending my account then, it is possible that you have taken one of these actions.?

  • If you have posted too much content and spammed the account. 
  • If there is some suspicious activity from your account. 
  • Abusive and inappropriate post. 

How can you recover your Facebook account?

Now that you know the major reasons why your account has been suspended and how long is facebook suspension, it is important to know the methods that will help you in recovering your account. You need to carefully use the methods that we are giving here. 

Process 1: Verify your identity

The first thing that you can do is to confirm your identity with Facebook and then recover your account. For this, you need to use a government issues ID proof and then display it on the page where you see the message of the Facebook account suspension. Facebook will not able to unlock your account if you do not provide them with proper government proof, however, a private ID card with your name and date of birth can also work in some situations. 

Process 2: Submit an appeal

The next method that you can use to submit a Facebook account suspended appeal to Facebook. If you appeal an account suspension or locked account then, there are high chances that your account will be unlocked. 

You need to use the link https://www.facebok.com/help/contact/183000765122339/ to open the support and help page on Facebook. There, you need to enter the login details of your account like your username and phone number and then press the Send button present on the form. You need to make sure that you give proper reasons why your account has been locked and that you will never violate the policies of the Facebook community ever again.?

With the help of these methods, you will be able to recover your Facebook account after it has been suspended by Facebook.

How to get your Facebook account back if disabled?

If your Facebook account disabled then, you need to follow some other methods as the above-given methods will not work in that case. The Facebook disabled account is similar to a suspended account as the account is only disabled for violating the guidelines but, the method that you have to follow to recover the account after it has been disabled.?

You can use the Facebook help and contact page and then locate the ?Disabled? section where you can choose the option that ?My Facebook account has been disabled?. You can fill out the form accompanying the process and then submit it to Facebook to make sure that your account is recovered and you can get its access. 

We hope that you have understood all the instructions that we have shared here.

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