Best Hospital For Epilepsy Surgery In India

Max Hospital is the best hospital for epilepsy in india. Epilepsy surgery removes some parts of the brain where seizures mainly occur. These surgeries are only effective if the seizures occur in one location of the brain. 

Surgery is never the first treatment option. But it is recommended when patients suffer uncontrollable seizures, especially under medication. Before the procedure, pre-surgical tests are conducted to determine whether the patients are eligible for surgery.

Epilepsy Treatment: Causes

According to the World Health Organization, the cause of epilepsy is undetermined in about half the people with the disease. However, various factors cause seizures, including;

  • Head trauma or traumatic brain injury
  • Scarring on the brain after injury
  • High fever or illness
  • Stroke?causes more than half of epilepsy in older adults without any underlying cause.
  • Insufficient oxygen supply to the brain
  • Cyst and brain tumors which are removable through?epilepsy surgery in India?
  • Dementia/Alzheimer?s disease
  • Maternal use of certain drugs
  • HIV/AIDS and meningitis infections
  • Neurological disease or development disorders

Epilepsy Treatment: Signs & symptoms

Abnormal brain activity causes epilepsy, and seizures can affect brain coordination. Some of the symptoms that may prompt an?epilepsy surgery in India?include;

  • Uncontrollable shaking and jerking
  • Blankly staring into space or unawareness
  • Body stiffness
  • Strange body sensations like a heightened sense of smell and tingling feeling in the limbs
  • Collapsing
  • Unresponsiveness
  • Repeated body movements

However, epilepsy symptoms may vary depending on the seizures. Any epileptic person tends to experience the same type of seizure every time.?Epilepsy hospitals in India?classify seizures depending on abnormal brain activity.

What are the possible risks of surgery?

Epilepsy surgery in India?involves operating on a vital organ that may pose serious risks. The risks vary depending on the underlying conditions and type of surgery.

Primary surgery risks in an?epilepsy hospital in India?include;

? Headaches

? Allergic reactions from anesthesia

? Nausea or vomiting

? Confusion

Surgical risks during?epilepsy surgery in India?include;

? Wound infections

? Hemorrhage

? Bacterial or aseptic meningitis

? Infection in the area of operation

? Brain tissue, nerves, or blood vessels injury

? Cerebrospinal fluid leakage

India?s?best hospital for epilepsy surgery?performs extensive pre-surgery brain mapping and testing to locate the point of seizures.

Types of Epilepsy Surgery

The epilepsy surgery depends on the location as well as the recommended procedure. 

Lobe resection

Temporal lobe epilepsy mainly affects teenagers and adults, where seizures occur with the temporal lobe. In this?epilepsy surgery in India, the brain tissue in this section is cut to eliminate the seizure focus.


This surgery removes tumors or lesions in the brain, causing seizures. Once the malformed vessels are removed, the seizures stop.

Corpus callosotomy

Corpus callosotomy, also called the split-brain surgery, is where the?epilepsy hospital in India?cuts the corpus callosum. This procedure aims to cut communication between brain hemispheres to prevent spreading seizures.

Multiple subpial transections

MST helps control seizures affecting areas of the brain that cannot be removed safely. The neurosurgeon makes transections in the brain tissue to interrupt flowing seizure impulses.

Deep brain stimulation

Doctors put electrodes in some brain areas to directly stimulate the brain and stop seizures in adults. This works in situations where medication has failed.

What you can expect

Patients must follow their doctor?s recommendations as these may vary depending on the severity and individual requirements. The general things to take care of are shared below. 

Before the procedure

The patient must avoid eating and drinking within 4-8 hours before the?epilepsy surgery in India. They should also consult the surgeon concerning any medications. It is important to share family history and allergies with the medical staff. The operative area of the head will be shaved and sterilized.

During the procedure

At the?epilepsy hospital in India, the patient will lie on their back or one side depending on the surgical procedure being undertaken. The anesthetic team will administer anesthesia to the patient and monitor any vital functions through the procedure.

The surgeon incises the scalp and retracts it to cut out a flap of bone in the skull during craniotomy. Next, they open and retract the dura (brain membrane) to operate on the brain tissue and perform surgery. After that, the surgeon closes the dura, glues the flap of bone, and sutures the incision.

After the procedure

After the procedure, the patients is wheeled to recovery rooms for anesthesia, weaning off, and monitoring. They will spend the first night after surgery in India?s intensive care unit of?epilepsy surgery. Discharges could be within three or four days, with full recovery within three months.

Epilepsy Surgery cost in India

The?epilepsy surgery cost in India?depends on the type of procedure the surgeon suggests. The overall cost includes diagnosis, imaging, procedures, follow-up treatments, and duration of hospital stay. The charges may change depending on the situation. Other?epilepsy treatment costs in India?include the hospital?s reputation, admission fee, neurosurgeon?s fee, and possible complications.


When is surgery indicated in epilepsy?

Epilepsy surgery in India?is recommended when each seizure occurs within the same point of the brain. However, this is not the first recommended treatment only when medication fails.

What exactly is done in this surgery?

The procedure removes part of the brain where the seizures occur. These could be tumors, blood vessels, or brain tissues.

What are the side effects of some epilepsy medications?

Sleepiness, poor concentration, vomiting, body shaking, double vision, unsteadiness, or rashes. Contact your doctor at the?epilepsy hospital in India?if you experience any adverse effects when on medication.

Epilepsy in Children?

Children may have epilepsy due to hypoxia, central nervous system infections, and head injuries. However, brain tumors are sporadic in children, so they may not be a cause.

Dos & Don?ts For Those Diagnosed With Epilepsy?

Consume plenty of water, get enough sleep, eat healthily and reduce stress. Don?t miss medications, stress, drink alcohol, or take recreational drugs.

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