6 Things To Expect When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

You want to file for divorce in Massachusetts. If your spouse wants the same, you can go for a no-fault divorce, stating that the marriage is beyond repair (irretrievable breakdown of marriage). However, it is only possible when you and your spouse resolve all relevant concerns, such as child custody and child support. You could also have a contested no-fault divorce, where both of you agree to end the marriage but don?t agree to other things. It?s okay to feel confused about the legal process and the additional jargon. Your best bet is to get legal advice from an attorney. In this post, we are sharing six things to expect when hiring a divorce lawyer.

  1. Quick response: You shouldn?t wait for days for a lawyer to respond to your call or email. While family lawyers are busy all the time, they usually have a team to handle all tasks and communication. Also, professional attorneys ensure that clients don?t have trouble contacting them for further queries or getting updates.
  2. Compassion: Your divorce is not a matter of just legal work. There are emotions involved, and while attorneys are not expected to be therapists, they should still have empathy and compassion. Don?t hire a lawyer who is too brash or doesn?t want to listen to you.
  3. Honesty: Good divorce lawyers don?t lie to clients. The lawyer must ensure that the client knows about all legal options and the implications of each decision. Double-check everything if a divorce attorney is saying things that sound too promising.
  4. Experience: Not all attorneys who handle divorces have experience advising on matters like child custody and child support. Also, if yours is a high net-worth divorce, you must be even more cautious about the lawyer?s profile. Get someone with credible experience, even if that means paying more.
  5. Confidence: A competent divorce lawyer must be confident about their approach. They should be open to mediation and resolving things amicably, but when things are not as expected, they should be able to fight for their client in court. Look for a self-assured lawyer who doesn?t mind taking the hard steps.
  6. Transparency: While divorces are often expensive, you should engage an attorney who is transparent about their fee and the expected costs of the legal work. Lawyers usually take an hourly rate, but if yours is a simple divorce with no complications, you may save with a flat fee.

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