10 Skills You Need to Hire Python Developers

If you want to hire Python developers, it?s important to know what you?re looking for in terms of skills, experience, and knowledge of the language. So what are the best skills to look for? Here are 10 highly valued Python development skills to help narrow down your search.

1) Technical know-how

Being able to read, edit and understand code is a must for hiring python developers. A skill set in mathematics or computer science is helpful, too. Being able to articulate technical issues clearly, speaking an employee?s language if you will, goes a long way. And when it comes down to it, being knowledgeable about why you?re hiring a new developer can help you vet them effectively as well. For example: Do they have experience working with other languages? Are they comfortable with agile methodologies?

2) Communicating with Clients

If you?re going to hire any type of developer, you need a clear line of communication. It?s important that both parties clearly understand each other and are on equal footing in terms of understanding their role. This can be particularly challenging when there is a language barrier between client and programmer (or vice versa). If your team primarily communicates in Python, it?s even more important that your client (if he or she isn?t technical) understands what you?re saying.

3) Have an Understanding of Business

It?s no secret that developers are hired for more than their technical skills. Candidates need soft skills and business acumen as well. Knowing how to translate your product idea into a deliverable product, for example, is vital if you want someone on your team who can code it well.

4) Ability to Learn Fast

In a fast-paced, ever-changing industry like tech, you need someone who can keep up with changes in technology and can adapt when new languages or platforms are released. Being able to learn fast is a skill that?s necessary for being an effective employee in a competitive industry.

5) Working in a Team

As a hiring manager, you?ll want to be able to work in a team. When hiring Python developers, make sure that they can offer positive feedback and constructive criticism during code reviews, as well as support their colleagues with new features. If a developer has a lot of experience working on projects in which they received little or no help, they may not have good social skills?something that is incredibly important when working with other people!

6) Writing Code

Software developers write code. It?s a simple enough statement, but it can mean multiple things: different languages and syntaxes, tools, frameworks and much more. Before you hire for your tech position, make sure you know what kind of coding your job will entail?and what type of developer is best suited for those tasks.

7) Debugging and Testing

One of the best ways to find bugs in your code is with a unit testing framework. Unit tests are small pieces of code that test a specific component or action within your program. Using unit tests, you can safely change one aspect of your program without having to worry about breaking other parts. A large test suite will also help you catch new bugs early on, when they?re easier and cheaper to fix. Before you hire Python developers, make sure they have experience writing unit tests for their codebase.

8) Problem Solving Skills

The most important skills a Python developer must have are problem solving and design skills. Building solutions is, after all, what programming is all about. Having great problem-solving skills gives developers an edge when it comes to understanding new technologies and concepts. Good design can help develop high-quality software products that offer great value and ease of use. Design skills are also required for creating clean code that?s easy to read and understand by other programmers and clients!

9) Time Management

One of my first programming teachers told me, Time is a flat circle. As in, when I was having trouble finishing an assignment, he would remind me that it would come back to bite me later on. Fast-forward a few years: When I started managing developers at Airbnb, I had trouble finding software engineers who could hit their deadlines.

10) Resilience

Resilience is an essential skill for software developers. Programming is a complex and iterative process, and one that can be frustrating at times, especially when you?re just starting out. Resilience helps you power through difficult times; not only does it let you focus on delivering your best work, but it also lets you keep a cool head in stressful situations. A bad day isn?t necessarily a disaster if you have resilience?you?ll be able to face problems with a professional demeanor.

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