Everything You Need To Know About The GUMS Procedure

The GUMS procedure was created by Britegums founder Dr. Robert Stanley, DDS to improve the look of patients? teeth, particularly the appearance of their gums. Despite the importance of this part of your mouth?s anatomy, it?s often overlooked in the world of cosmetic dentistry, until now. Here?s everything you need to know about the?

A Brief History Of Tooth Whitening:

Tooth whitening began as a way for dentists to diagnose tooth decay. It was seen as a way for them to see if there were any cavities on the tooth that needed attention. As it progressed, it became more popular as an alternative to dental bleaching. Bleaching is when someone takes hydrogen peroxide and applies it to their teeth and then gets an LED light shone on them that causes some of the hydrogen peroxide molecules in their teeth to break down into oxygen and water vapor molecules. This will cause a chemical reaction that makes your teeth lighter than they were before.

What Are Teeth Stains?

Tooth stains are discoloration of teeth caused by coffee, tea, red wine, blueberries, tobacco, and some medications. Tooth stains can be prevented by rinsing your mouth after consuming these beverages or food items that cause tooth stains. If you do not know how to remove them, contact a dental professional such as Britegums today.

What Causes Stains On Teeth?

Tooth stains are caused by one of two things: fluoride and tetracycline. Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in water, toothpaste, and other dental products, and tetracycline is an antibiotic. Fluoride stains are usually yellow or brown, while tetracycline stains are usually blue or green.
The G.U.M.S procedure can help reduce or eliminate discoloration on teeth while also making them stronger than they were before treatment!

Causes Of Whitening Treatments:

Whitening treatments are used for various reasons. The most common causes of whitening treatments are teeth stains, age spots, and pregnancy hormones. Teeth stains can be caused by a variety of things: tobacco use, coffee consumption, red wine consumption, or a diet rich in dark-colored food. Age spots can cause teeth to lose their natural luster and appear noticeably darker when they reflect light. Pregnancy hormones usually cause women’s teeth to become whiter due to an increase in saliva production which contains bleach-like substances such as peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

Whitening Methods And Procedures:

The GUMs Procedure is a cutting-edge dental treatment that improves your appearance by reducing or eliminating gum line imperfections. The procedure involves removing plaque from the gum line and smoothing out the surface, which will result in a whiter and more attractive smile.

The Science Behind GUMS Tooth Whitening Treatment:

The Gingival Uniformity Modulation System (G.U.M.S) or in short called GUMS is a patented cosmetic treatment process developed by Britegums founder Dr. Robert Stanley, DDS. His impetus to discover a successful treatment came from the frustration of witnessing first-hand patients’ teeth discolor and decay over time as a result of his dental work. To combat this, he researched for years and finally found an answer in tooth whitening technology that was not only safe but effective for all types of teeth, including older individuals with sensitive teeth and those who are prone to sensitive gums after treatments.

How Does It Work?

GUMS is a patented cosmetic treatment process developed by Britegums founder Dr. Robert Stanley, DDS. His impetus to discover a successful treatment came from the problems associated with patients who wear braces and experience irritation of their gingival tissues as they rub against one another. The GUMs procedure is made up of two steps: initial consultation and an in-office surgical procedure.

Cost & How Long Does It Last?

Gingival uniformity modulation systems (GUMS) are a type of cosmetic treatment that uses light energy to create a natural, healthy-looking smile. The procedure can be done in-office in as little as 15 minutes or at home with Britegums’ Complete Care System. An average treatment will last up to 18 months; however, this varies based on each person’s unique dental and gum health.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no known side effects of this procedure. The only thing you may notice is a mild sensitivity when brushing your teeth for the first few days after your treatment. Your teeth will feel more sensitive and may be more prone to staining, so try not to drink coffee, tea, or other beverages that can stain your teeth while they are still sensitive.

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GUMS is a patented cosmetic treatment process developed by Britegums founder Dr. Robert Stanley, DDS. His impetus to discover a successful treatment came from the desire for an affordable and effective way for his patients in need of tooth whitening to achieve that goal without breaking their budgets. With this mission in mind, it was only natural that Dr. Stanley would launch Britegums and create the GUM System. The system is comprised of two parts: one topical serum and one topical gel that is applied following your teeth cleaning appointment with your dentist at home every day for 60 days or until you’re satisfied with your results.