Why Is My Google Drive Not Opening? – 5 Reasons

Do you face problems when opening a google drive? If your answer is ?yes,? then this article will surely be worth reading. Anytime your google files are ready to open, if you have trouble in this case, it means you must cure this. 

We all know Google drives provide a lot of space to sync our files. It is really impressive for the users. But this won?t be utilized if Google drive doesn?t work. 

Those who store huge files in Google Drive face this problem mostly. After the preliminary checking, the issue still remains. 

Well, we have figured out major reasons that you must consider to solve this problem efficiently. Before going through the major issues, first check some minor problems like speed, internet connection, document details, and your PC. 

Now, let’s take a look below. 

Why Is Google Drive Not Working? 

Internet connection is the most common and significant factor of Google drive storage. If your internet connection is not working successfully, then you should fix it instantly. Before processing other problems, the internet connection needs to be working first. 

To load files, the internet is required. However, some of us think that once the file is downloaded in Google Drive, it is enough to reopen the file again without an internet connection or poor internet connection. 

But not. This is a completely wrong conception. To reopen the file, it requires the first internet connection. What software version are you using now? If you are accessing the old version, then this problem has troubleshooting. 

All are minor problems. Let?s have a look at the significant reasons for not opening Google drive.

1. Installation And Update

Which version do you use currently? Check whether it is old or not. It is one of the reasons to face troubles while opening files in Google drive. 

In this case, you must update your Google drive. Don?t skip the update process. With an updated version, you still face more problems than reinstalling Google Drive on your PC.  

In many cases, it has been seen that problems arise with storage. Many times users have questions about the installation and chrome task manager. You can avoid this instead of having your storage ready to access this freely. 

2. Storage Availability

Many of us used Google Drive from chrome. Did you access google drive from chrome? If ?yes,? then you should know the pros and cons. The drive provides specific storage. 

If you have used the whole space, then you can purchase more space in Google drive. Storage related problems are most common, and it takes too much time. 

Make sure that you use the space accordingly. So, buy more spaces and access them without facing trouble. 

3. Internet Access

Without a fast internet connection, Google Drive can?t work properly. Are you using a wifi connection? Then check your internet status. Check how many devices are connected with one wifi internet connection. 

When computers become slow, Google drives create problems uploading the files or downloading any new files. The function may pause.  

In this case, you can switch to another internet connection to avoid this trouble. Make sure your device is connected with a fast internet connection; otherwise, you face problems creating new files and editing or downloading any files. 

Although, sometimes, Google Drive provides an offline editing facility. You can use this feature to get more benefits. 

4. Cache Memory

Sometimes, we can not understand how our PC is filled with the whole space. We install any application or software on our PC, and they cache extra memory. 

The problem is, we can?t recognize this matter. Many of us didn?t know that applications or software can cache extra memories from your storage. 

In this case, you can delete those cache storage. It can get back your drive storage. However, cache memory stores a lot of space. In this case, you can check them and delete those cache memories. If you are using Google Drive, you must do so to avoid trouble. 

Go to the details of the application; you will see the cache memory and delete. Well, it can delete your data. Suppose you install an e-commerce site and open an account. If you delete the cache memory from the e-commerce application, you need to re-open the account.

5. Accessibility

Don?t access Google Drive from Chromecast from firefox. It conc=sumes more internet than google drive applications. 

It will be better to download Google Drive and access it without facing any problems. While you updated the version, you may need to log in again. Be sure about your account details. 

Google Drive always certifies the users with Phone numbers and email verification. Remember your password and username. Otherwise, it has the chance to lose all the data which you stored in Google Drive. 

Don?t use any third application to access Google drive because third-party applications also consume data and the internet. It can decrease the internet speed. 

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Bottom Line

We know it is quite problematic to fix this problem. But it is not impossible. Technology has updated day by day. Google Drive is secured to store all your files year after year. We always remind our audience to use Google Drive to avoid benign fraud. 

To protect your sensitive data, you should use Google drive. We mentioned some significant issues. If you work on that, you?ll surely fix this problem. 

 Proper internet connection and avoiding third-party applications to access Google drive can help to avoid this issue. 

This article has been able to meet your queries. Do you want to know more? Visit our website, or you can ask by commenting below. We?ll be there to reconnect with you.