Free Random Quizzes, A great way to pass the time and assess your knowledge:

Sitting around in leisure hours and tired of watching YouTube videos and clicking likes on Facebook Quizzes? The fact of the matter is we are now so much used to using social media apps and YouTube that we have now forgotten there are other leisure activities available online. But there is one thing that can be as entertaining as watching any YouTube video; Answering free random quizzes.


You must be thinking about why we are saying this? The fact is once these FB posts and YouTube videos get monotonous, your mind starts to wander around and stick aimlessly to the screen and stops absorbing anything. But when you sit alone or gather with your people to answer general free random quizzes, you become curious and aware.

Just by the idea of making our minds exercise a bit creatively, our team has listed the top 05 websites for free random quiz and free quizzes for kids, so you have as many random questions as you like. Our goal was to pick out those sources which are good and not generally mentioned in such lists. The majority of the websites listed are free and do contain categorized trivia questions, but the fun is in testing your brain on multiple topics at one time.

Top 05 websites for Free Random Quizzes:

So, let the list begin.

Number One: Zimbio;

Quiz Time Megaphone Yellow Banner In Flat Style Vector Illustration Stock  Illustration - Download Image Now - iStockZimbio is not entirely a dedicated quiz site. It is an entertainment site providing TV shows, movies, and other related stuff online. But if you check the reviews, The website has been lauded for its quizzes sections. Divided into two main categories; “personality quizzes” and “trivia,” the quizzes section on Zimbio offers you a large amount of free random quizzes guaranteed to entertain and exercise your memory. The website is free with children-friendly content and free quiz for kids.


Number Two: Random Trivia Generator;

The Random Trivia Generator is a free platform with multiple categories (arts, science, general, geography, history, and entertainment). The website is available for both adults and kids, and users will find plenty of free random quizzes for kids on many subjects. RTG is the most popular random quiz night online option available today.

Number Three: Mental Floss;

Since its creation in the dorm room of a University, Mental Floss has been the most unique and creative information website on the net. The website does not offer only free random quizzes. It provides interesting everyday facts and magazine articles, and best of all, it asks you to solve mysteries by answering random questions from the given clues. The mental floss content covers a variety of subjects from arts to science and from history to culture. You would enjoy this online media.

Number Four: How Stuff Works;

How stuff works started in 1998 when some college professors decided to devise an interactive yet explanatory way to teach students. The website “How stuff works” provides; audio/videos media, interactive animations, general knowledge questions, and free random quizzes. The data is reliable and free of cost to access.

Number Five: Buzzfeed Quizzes;

Buzzfeed is a sought-after digital media company that focuses on creative content and entertainment. Buzzfeed media conveys multiple topics, from entertainment news to checking out haunted houses throughout The USA. 

One of the best features on their website is the Buzzfeed quizzes sections. The quizzes section has a massive library of free random quizzes arranged in carefully thought categories.?

Some other honorable mentions are:

  1. Sporcle
  2. Playbuz
  3. 16 Personalities
  4. Jet Punk
  5. Quiz Rocket