How to turn the hobby of Forex trading into a full-time job?

For some time now, you have had a hobby that you love so much, allowing you to make money sometimes. However, like any hobby in this world, you don’t have as much time for it or as much profit as you would like.

One hobby that many financial and tech enthusiasts choose nowadays is Forex trading. Considering that this is a job done on the currently most liquid market in the world, which is called the Forex market, and which has a daily turnover of 6.6 trillion, it is not surprising why it is a hobby for many, but also a profession.

However, those doing this job as a hobby would undoubtedly like to know the answer to the question is forex trading is worth it or not to become a full-time job and how to start doing it professionally. Before we answer those questions regarding Forex, we want to give a deeper look at what Forex trading is actually in a professional sense. 

Understanding Forex trading professionally.

Whether you are already involved in Forex as a hobby or have just stepped into this world of currency exchange, we will give you a little closer explanation of what it means. When you say “Forex trading”, the definition is simply trading one currency to another.

In other words, it’s an act of exchanging foreign currency on the currently largest decentralized financial market in the world, known as the Foreign exchange market. The global exchange marketplace is available to traders more than five days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Traders can choose currency pairs that they like to trade. The most commonly traded pairs are EUR/USD and USD/GBP. For trading to be successful, a trader must choose a relevant and regulated Forex broker that will allow safe access to platforms for foreign currency exchange.

So, if you are doing Forex trading as a hobby, is it time to switch it to your full-time career? How to do it professionally? 

How can you do Forex trading professionally?

If you feel that it is time to do Forex trading professionally and you want to make a serious profit from it, we have a few critical tips on how to do it:

  1. Prepare yourself mentally for a difficult start. More than 85% of beginners in Forex trading give up during the first three months due to crises and unrealistic expectations. It won’t be easy. Therefore, always have some money for crises until you make serious profits.
  1. Organize working hours when you will trade and how much. Stick to your plan and the Forex trading strategy that you will choose following your capabilities and goals.
  1. Investigate which is the best-regulated Forex broker to open a brokerage account. Choose one that offers 24-hour support and quality educational material to help you master trading techniques.
  1. Be on top of your numbers without exception. Keep track of your trading on a daily or weekly basis so that you can have perfect insight into your results and success. It’s also good practice to record your emotional states while trading. Everything counts! 
  1. Learn from more experienced Forex traders. Don’t be afraid to fail. Try out different ones if some currency pair or forex strategy isn’t working for you. Be persistent and hardworking, and success will eventually come! Good luck!