How Yappy Football is Bringing Joy to Fans Across the Country

The football season is back, and with it comes the kind of excitement that no other sport can bring to the fans in your area. When you?re looking forward to the game, you don?t want anything to spoil that experience?especially if you?re in one of the cities where Yappy Football will be rolling out this year! With Yappy Football, you get more than just football?you get cheerleaders, team mascots, group entertainment, and a whole lot more!

The Vision

The Yappy Football (patent pending) is a patented harness that allows dogs to play football with their human owners. It brings joy, friendship and exercise to all involved. There?s nothing like watching your dog run after an inflated, squeaky ball while you wear one too! And isn?t it great that man?s best friend can now share in America?s most beloved sport? Of course it is! That?s why we created Yappy Football ? because we believe every dog should have fun, get healthy and keep up with their owner no matter what game they love.

If your favorite game is baseball or basketball or even soccer or tennis – whatever you enjoy playing as a family – then so much the better! You and your pup will both be healthier than ever before. You see, playing sports together strengthens relationships between people and pets, making them happier than ever before too.

The Start

Yappy was founded in 2016 by three high schoolers: Nicholas, Daniel and Paul. These high school students had noticed that when they were playing soccer with their friends, they often lost track of where the ball was on their field?and thus, where other players were.

They couldn?t find a solution for keeping track of each player?s location in a team sport so they decided to build one! The boys began working on an app idea that would allow users to see all of their teammates? locations on a map at once. They called it Yappy Football.

In just six months, Yappy had signed up over 20 schools in its first market area (Washington DC), including some big name universities like Georgetown University and George Washington University. In 2017, we have expanded into our second market area ? Maryland/Virginia/DC ? and are looking forward to continuing our growth trajectory.

Sustaining Success

Many startups make a splash when they launch?and then simply fizzle out. Make sure you avoid following suit by focusing on your brand?s core values and mission, and mapping out a strategy for how you?ll sustain growth even after initial excitement has died down. As part of that, think about how your brand will stay fresh and relevant over time.

How can you attract new users who haven?t heard of your app before? Where are those users? What do they want from your product or service? What do you need to do to get them excited about what you have to offer? These questions don?t have easy answers, but it?s important that you ask them as early as possible so that you can get ahead of any potential problems.

Playing at Home

Many people who follow football prefer watching games at home on their big-screen TV. Instead of having to listen to other fans in a crowded bar, you can enjoy watching and interacting with your favorite team from an environment where you?re comfortable. Plus, it?s also much easier for friends and family members to gather together at home instead of having them travel between several venues.

And don?t forget about being able to have food delivered right to your living room! The next time you want to watch a game, consider ordering delivery or making a potluck meal. You might be surprised by how fun it is!

There are many perks to staying home to watch a game, but you may find that it gets expensive buying tickets and paying for parking (and even more so if you live in an area that doesn?t have easy access to public transportation). If you don?t like fighting traffic during major sporting events?or if you simply want to spend less money?consider hosting a viewing party instead. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars, all it takes is one simple step: invite your closest friends over!

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